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3 Business Planning Practices That Work Like a Lucky Charm


Do you have a hard time pin pointing your passions + taking them to profit? Does planning your business give you nausea + indigestion?


Well maybe it’s because you’re trying to fit your creative genius inside a traditional MBA style model. But that doesn’t work for you. Know why? Because you’re an artist.


In today’s Friday Video Time, I’m actually gonna walk you through my most precious creative biz practices, because they work splendidly for me + I’m sure the lucky charm is contagious.


Here’s the nutshell version:

1. Have 1 or 2 unbreakable commitments.

2. Make room for wiggle room.

3. Add sprinkles + choco frosting to the stuff you dread the most.



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take action

I want to encourage you to make one shift in your business that makes you party like it’s your b-day. One, just one, no matter how small, no matter how tiny. It could be something as simply as grabbing some colored markers + post-it notes to jot down your monthly goals. Or even buying yourself a pretty calculator to make your finances more fun. Whatever you do, take action now before you get distracted with some silliness that doesn’t do a thang’ for your epic success.



Mayi Carles

17 Responses to 3 Business Planning Practices That Work Like a Lucky Charm

  • Erin Giles says:

    Ooh thanks darlin’ I needed this one! I am ashamed to say (whispering this) that since I revamped my shop and have had 30 some sales, I only have a huge pile of reciepts…but I will say they are seperated by expenses and income. I am determined to go home and tackle this this weekend! Any other tips besides an excel sheet? What do you do with all the receipts? And I’m assuming you do a diff excel sheet for each month right?

    As always you were adorable, fun to watch, again making me want to make v-logs, and got me ever so excited about tackling my money:)!

    Happy weekend!

  • Maya says:

    Thank you, Mayi!

    I love your enthusiasm and great ideas!

  • mayicarles says:

    Heyyyyyyyy superstar: The excel sheet I use is the one from my Life is Messy Planners. You have them right? It makes things easy + pain free for me.

    If you don’t have my Life is Messy Planners I would recommend creating one Excel sheet for income + another for expenses. I have them anually so I can look at everything in one page + I compute my numbers per day + right to the side what the items sold where or purchased.

    Congratulations on all those sales YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!

    I wanna see you on video!

  • Erin Giles says:

    No I don’t have them lol, but I plan on getting them one day:)!

    I eventually want to do more videos…just have alot of biz type things to think about before I do them. I don’t know I guess I feel like I need to be an expert or something:)

  • mayicarles says:

    Erin: YOU ARE AN EXPERT. Stop waiting until you feel ready. You’ll never feel ready, but YOU ARE READY NOW!

    The caps are not me screaming. It’s me giving you a BIG GIGANTIC HUG + letting you know that the world need more Erin Giles ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s true!

  • Erin Giles says:

    Your so sweet:)! Thank you for the encouragment my friend:)! And ok, ok I’m on it…at least let me wait until Im at home full time lol. 8 more days of work!!! And well, I suppose I need my birthday off too… and then off to work on vlogs:)!

  • Kelsey says:

    Erin, I am right there with you. I’ve been waiting ’til I feel like I’m an expert on something before I start doing videos. I have no idea what to talk about (and I sound like a 5-year-old. haha)!

    And Mayi, how’d you know I’m in my pajamas all the time? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the video. You always make my Friday!

  • Erin says:

    Kelsey, glad to know I’m not the only one:)

    And Mayi I’m printing that out right now and putting on my inspiration board:)!

  • Andreia says:

    OMG, How could I’ve been so distracted, I I thought English was your first language!
    But hey, spanish is much closer ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Loved the video!


  • mayicarles says:

    Erin: I mean it girl. You are sooo amazingly talented + your personality shines brighter than a supernova. You are meant to be a star! I can’t wait for the 30th ๐Ÿ™‚ OMG OMG!

  • mayicarles says:

    Kelsey: I sound like a 5 year old too! That’s probably why you’re here ๐Ÿ™‚ And why we’re having so much fun together.

    I also didn’t feel ready but I read one of Marie Forleo’s e-mails where she shared how unready she felt every single time she embarked on a new project. And I was like OMG she feels it too.

    It doesn’t matter how big or small your victories are, you always have an angle + a story to share. Plus if it’s not scary to do, it probably isn’t much fun in the first place right?

    All the bla bla bla is just to really share how much I would love to see you do something you don’t feel 100% ready to do. I bet that once you tackle it you will say to yourself: I was born ready!

  • mayicarles says:

    Andreia: LOL beijinjos + besitos + kisses mua muaax!

  • Suzi Buchan says:

    Okay, so having watched this video for the third time, I guess it’s about time I gathered my thoughts together and actually commented, right? I have a piece of paper next to me on which I have scribbled a few things which jumped out at me. The first is choosing those 1 or 2 important commitments. You have no idea how relieved I was to hear you say that! Hearing that flicked a lightbulb on in my head, relating to why I’m not really getting anywhere right now. I’m trying to commit to too much, all at once, and so nothing works. Instead I need to be choosing the priorities – the most exciting and exhilarating projects – and focusing on them for the time being. The rest can come once those first couple of things have been taken care of. I need to take a look back and decide what those first steps are, then focus on them. I’ve been trying to plan for about 20 things at once, and that wasn’t working at all!

    The second thing I scribbled down was making use of opportunities. I’m not so great at that, and looking back now, I think I have let a good many opportunities slip by, because I didn’t take advantage of circumstances. I definitely need to be on the look out for those opportunities – the ones that are there for the grasping!

    The third thing I took from this was about going with your feelings in the moment – spontaneity is amazing for inspiration, but fear and doubts tend to kill spontaneity stone dead. I definitely need to work on that too – I need to learn to trust my instincts!

    Great vlog, as usual, Mayi! I’ll be on vacation next Friday, but I’ll look forward to catching up on Friday Video Time when I get back!

  • mayicarles says:

    Suzi: LOL loved your comment Suzi. Your feedback + take backs are the find of things that fuel me for next Friday + the following Friday + the following.

    I really think that if you keep your task to nugget size + break them down even further each week you will accomplish a lot more. If you have more things on your mind write them down so you don’t forget but don’t add them on to your actual current to do list. Know what I mean?

    When I see a pile of receipts I get in panic more but if I see 2-3 I feel I can actually organize them + compute them in Excel. That’s why I strive to keep all my lists + work load to the minimum.

    Not gonna lie. I need to work at all of this periodically. Watching my own video is actually reaffirming my vows LOL.

  • Brenda Xiomi says:

    AHH! I’m so glad I booked a one-on-one with you AND that I bought the guide!

  • Lakshmi says:

    hey mayi ! Love the moonwalk ๐Ÿ™‚
    Let me moonwalk you through some of my thoughts too … in addition to your 3 pointers ..

    Commitment comes after prioritising tasks. Prioritising comes from identifying our goals and ideas.
    Prioritising goals and ideas is so important , as Suzi says. It is exactly what Zoe from a Quick Study had to say in her guest post on your blog. Once we knock off the absolute essentials on our list – which at times are the hardest to commit too – the others are a cakewalk.

    Identifying when the big break is front of us is another milestone, like you mentioned. Sometimes, we just need to reach out to a friend to help us to do that, if we need the extra motivation . It doesn’t hurt to ask for help. We might just get it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tabassum says:

    Hey Mayi! How are you ?

    The first rules totally jumped out at me: only having one or 2 “unbreakable” commitments and giving yourself wiggle room. I’ve gotton in the “bad” habit of cancelling stuff or getting behind on stuff because I don’t commit to them as heartily as I should have or I put non-priority things first that eat up my time to be prepared for some big opportunities. It’s has alot to do with wearing too many hats and getting burntout. Well I’ve decided that this cycle has to stop and so I have a couple of important commitments in mind that I have to follow through with rain or shine.

    And the other “mantra” you came up with about wiggle room is great. I was just thinking about it the other day. I always forced myself into a routine that doesn’t work for me and I ended up wasting time and energy on things that I’m not inspired to do at that moment. I just get frustrated and depressed when I couldn’t get stuff done. Making a to do list for the week works so much better and working with your creative flow and not against it. I’m glad I’m not alone on this one.

    Like always, thanks for these great vids, Mayi and as I mentioned before, love the guide!

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