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6 Steps to Doom Your Sales Page


Want to get hundreds of clicks but no sales?


Want to create the BEST products on the face of the Earth + keep them all to yourself?


Want to learn everything their is to know about SEO + still have no conversions?


Want your thousands of Twitter + Facebook followers to remain fans + never spend a single penny on you?


Want your business to be worth a pile of lizard poop?


Sounds ridiculous right? Well that’s cuz it is.


Today, I’m going to tell you exactly why your best efforts are not converting prospects into customer.


Here’s the thing. Successful online entrepreneurs know something about selling their products that unsuccessful entrepreneurs don’t + it has nothing to do with talent or luck. I’m dead serious.


I learned this early on in the Communications Studies hall. Who knew my dual degree would come in handy now. Wohoo!


I’m talking about sales pages – you know the one’s that make you money? The truth is: you can either craft an irresistible sales page or land yourself in a stinking pickle. The choice is always yours.


If you want to learn the six steps to sales page chaos, by all means watch today’s Friday Video Time episode. This one’s a fun one!


After playing, join me down below for our usual chat. You know I love it when you raise your hand (wink).



Mayi Carles

25 Responses to 6 Steps to Doom Your Sales Page

  • Cutelicious says:

    Thanks for this video! First time on your sight – and yes, it was fun! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wondering – do your suggestions work on product based businesses, too? I am guessing yes …. but thought I might ask because you specifically state at the beginning it is for people offering services. (Which I am not.)



  • mayicarles says:

    Hey Ursula: ABSOLUTELY. You can use this technique for product-based businesses AND service-based business.

    I did take a look at your shop (I couldn’t help myself) + what I would recommend for you in particular is to have the FAQ part all in one area, not inside each an every product.

    So happy you stumbled upon Heartmade ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sรญlvia Nolan says:

    OMG. Mayi, this was so useful. I have been doing so badly in my seller-client relationships… This will be so useful. I have taken my notes and am going to work on this over the weekend. I’m going to review my strategy. Thanks!

  • Alicia says:

    working on a strategy and your tips are super helpful! still percolating…

  • Nancy Liedel says:

    I do what Mai says. Now, I’m not open, yet, but I recently stopped going all over the map with my soaps and cosmetics, honed in on a niche I love, and limited what I have available. Instead of 54 soaps at a show (Yes, I was stupid), I bring the best sellers in that area, and two new, “run it up the flagpole,” soaps. Some get sold out and I make more and some don’t. I sell those in a dollar bin (covers ingredients cost and some of my time), get them sold and work harder to be more consistent.

    Also, I am trying to find a way to re-word Mayi’s, “why me?” from the coaching session. “There are many coaches out there, but only one Mayi.” I work on, there are tons of soaps, and bath products, but I’m me and no one else is. If you don’t like me, I can refer you to someone you will adore!!! I am not competing against soapers, as much as I am against large companies that make a soap, but not a real, cold processed soap. There is a difference and I want everyone to try it!!! If my stuff does not grab your britches and bite, then I know loads of incredible soapers that will. I don’t depend on anyone referring anyone to me. It’s just my way of keeping the handmade soap industry up and running, and my fellow artisans happy campers. Good will does not include undercutting and selling your products at rock bottom prices. Those people are not looking for your specialness. They are selling what they make to grab business, but not giving themselves credit for their work. They are saying, “Yes, I should be selling my product for X dollars, but my stuff is not really that good.” Untrue!!!

    I think I’m just repeating what Mayi said ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Marie Noelle says:

    I guess I’ll revamp a bit my sales page! You shared some really great tips here Mayi, thank you so much! By the way, I just loved the introduction with your drawing, that was cute!!!

  • mayicarles says:

    Silvia: So happy this was helpful Silvia. Keep me posted!

  • mayicarles says:

    Alicia: Let is simmer my friend! I know you will put them into practice + rock it out!

  • mayicarles says:

    Nancy: I love what you said about being A MILLION soaps + cosmetic but only YOURS are YOURS. Why are they unique? I’m sure you can delight us with your story. And we are listening + open + so delighted! Can’t wait to see what you come up with Nancy! Thanks for your contribution!!!

  • mayicarles says:

    Marie: Awww thanks for the complements. I’m in love with that ballerina too. It’s always nice to take things up a notch + theirs always room for improvement. So I’m excited this poked you a little to keep rocking it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cutelicious says:

    Thanks for your advice! You are completely right! I had “FAQ” already written in my notebook as one of the next to dos! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I want to include the FAQs on my blog/website and in my store. Hopefully will get it done this weekend.


  • Fairy leonie says:

    Omg a little sad as my iPhone can’t reader adobe file you’ve put your video on ๐Ÿ™
    No broadband in the country area I live in either :(( double sad!
    Can you list for me acouple of brief points darl., if it’s not too much trouble??
    Thanking you
    Fairy leonie xx

  • mayicarles says:

    Hey Fairy: You can also watch this video on my YouTube or Vimeo channel ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alicia says:

    Thanks, Mayi!

  • Marie Noelle says:

    I worked on my page following your tips and it’s way better!!! Thank you so much, I needed this video!!

  • Bridgett says:

    This is perfect timing as I’m in the midst of creating a sales page. Thanks once again! xoxo

  • Srinivas says:


    After our chat today I had to come and see this. First off, you are AWESOME at video. You’re a natural in front of the camera. Of course your voice is music to my ears too, which is actually what I wrote up in our show notes. If you don’t mind I’m going embed this video into our show notes so people can see this.

  • mayicarles says:

    Hey Srini: so happy you stopped for a visit! And WOWWW so excited your digging my videos. All of the sudden I’m now kinda befriending my Panamanian accent hahahaha! Please feel free to embed + share + copy/paste. My pleasure!

  • David Crandall says:

    I just got off Skype with Srini and came here at his suggestion. He was right, I love it! Everything. The video. The accent. The hand drawn touch. The whole site. I totally dig it and am definitely adding you to my regular stop ins. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Loved what you had to say in the video too. Excellent points.

    I AM curious as to what your thoughts are regarding number of products when someone wants to target variety as their thing. For example, someone may only make those cute beanies for babies, but I want to choose between bunny, bear, or cat ears. And I’d want multiple colors and sizes. Is there a point where you believe that more options can actually work in your favor?

    Again, dig the site and everything going on here. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • mayicarles says:

    WOW. The David Crandall is here. Sweet!

    Dig the complements. Might have to turn them into a testimonial. Who knows ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyways. In regards to decision making. I base all of my advice on research, both personal (which by the way is 1% scientific + 99% heart made) + scientific (the lab rat kind).

    This one in particular was borrowed from Barry Schwartz “The Paradox of Choice – Why More is Less” – and goes something like this – by eliminating choices you reduce the amount of anxiety for shoppers. Making decisions + feeling autonomous + embracing our freedom is a critical part of our well being + state of happiness, BUT with so much information overload + so little time + limited amount of resources + so many daily decisions to make (Which e-mail do I respond to first? What Flip camera do I get? Do I make my blog font black or Graphite? The background titanium white or parchment?), having too many options doesn’t seem to be helping us decipher what “we need” from what “we want”.

    In a nugget, when in doubt I always simplify – lesser options + lesser variants so that my customers can FOCUS on what they want + not on their “missed opportunities” + are not felling like a total loser at the checkout counter.,

    All that said + done – I’m actually a pretty intuitive gal. Laser sharp institution, inherited from my mom (thanks mom, I know you read the comments too!) So, if I’m feeling only 3 coaching packages – I go for it. If I’m feeling 72 handmade products in my e-commerce boutique, 72 products it is. You know your customers better than they know themselves, IF you’re listening closely, so there’s really no magical number or one size fits all cookie cutter.

    If variety is your “mojo” is their a way you could simplify the bunny + bear or cat offer? Say only offer rockstar bunny as opposed to rainbow bunny + superman bunny + elvis bunny? Is there a way to rotate varieties by season? Limited editions perhaps? so you innovate + offer variety but not all offered at the same time?

    Hope this was more helpful than confusing. Us latina women talk a lot, like you can tell.

  • David Crandall says:

    I think I want to get a shirt made that says “The David Crandall is here.” Love it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And yes, helpful! Basically remove all unnecessary choices…but no more. And sometimes 72 is necessary. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • mayicarles says:

    David: You got it! You should add copy editor for latina women in your list of superpowers ๐Ÿ™‚

    … and make the shirt.

  • Jodi Daigle says:

    I have noticed i have alot of the same products as others but not making any sales. I just need one tiny grain of Pixie Dust to keep me going. I love to create things & it is so discouraging if you dont sell anything, it seems though no one is interested. DO you have any suggestions?

  • claire stone says:

    Mayi – you are soooo funny, and soooo clever. My brain is totally spinning with possibilities and with plain logic now too – you make it so simple! I just now need to somehow put your points into practice – can’t wait!

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