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6 Tips For Introverts Running A Business


There is a lot of hype around being an entrepreneur. These days everyone wants to be one. Build an empire. Conquer the world.


I’m an accidental entrepreneur. Initially, I didn’t quit my job because I wanted to work from a laptop with my feet soaked in warm sand. I hate sitting in the sand, it gets in too many places + electronic devices. I did it because (I don’t think you know this about me), but I’m a hermit. I couldn’t deal with the social anxiety of leaving my house everyday + dressing up + driving to work. It’s too people-y outside.


Being my own CEO + setting up my business online has helped me feed that neurosis.


Don’t be fooled by the bubbly personality. Inside this pint size cheerleader, there is an introvert stirring the wheel, maneuvering my way out of small talk.


So how does an introvert run a profitable business? I’ll give you a few pointers:



Let’s recap:

  1. Like Weight Watchers, I have a points system.
  2. I don’t always connect, but when I do, it’s with one person at a time. 
  3. I have created a tier of offerings that have different levels of interaction. 
  4. I fired Twitter + Snapchat + Google+.
  5. Raise your introvert white flag high! 
  6. Remember that you are the boss of you and your business. 


That’s what I’ve got for you today.


Any tips you can add to the mix? All my introverts would love you for it. So please add them in the comments, alright. Don’t be shy (wink wink)



Mayi Carles


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6 Responses to 6 Tips For Introverts Running A Business

  • Kimberly says:

    Great post, great ideas! Thanks!

  • Felicia says:

    I’m exactly the same! I’m energetic, empathetic and extremely sociable… but need ti be alone most of the time to recharge my batteries. Being around people all the time feels like a violence to me, and I decided to quit my office job to offer my skills to other entrepreneurs (which I don’t always get to meet in person).
    I’m happy to know I’m nit a weirdo and that bubbly ladies can be introverts too. Thanks for sharing this! x

  • Katie says:

    “Hate the same shit together!” omg Mayi that made me laugh so hard!!! That’s how I met some of best friends in college during orientation lol. Love this post! Thanks for always cheering on the introvert 🙂

  • Ermy says:

    The weirdo light shining bright si the best bit! Lol
    Made my day!

  • Katie says:

    I have a points system too, especially when it comes to networking events…those are the worst, haha. These are great tips!

  • Rosa says:

    Wow I’m so impressed Mayi. I’d have never imagined that!
    Your post blows my mind, but I don’t understand very well (I’m Spanish) the points system.
    Could somebody help me understand please? It might help me a lot.

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