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6 Tricks to Make Your Pricing a Non Issue

6 Tricks Pricing


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As a full time artist, I’m a big advocate of charging what you’re worth. NO! not swapping work for exposure. I mean trading work for money honey.


This isn’t a cute hobby folks, it’s how I pay for groceries (and cute shoes).


But I know putting a price tag on your work is scary. What will people think? That I’m full of myself? Will I turn them off? Will they go to Walmart instead?


Today I’m going to give you 6 things you should do that will make your price a non-issue.


To recap what I talked about in the video:

  • Define your ideal client’s problem
  • Show the solution
  • Focus on the results
  • Make a clear offer
  • Add testaments to your awesomeness
  • Remove risk   

Do these 6 steps + see how price becomes irrelevant.


Thanks for watching.


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Mayi Carles 


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4 Responses to 6 Tricks to Make Your Pricing a Non Issue

  • Rachel says:

    If I design and sell my jewelry line, how can I resolve the questions about my clients problem? I don’t consider I solve problems or change the world with my jewelry line. It’s something that I enjoy doing and think I make pretty things. How can I solve a clients problem or give him solution if my business is not a service one and what I am selling is creativity and skill (to put it somehow). I joined the live webinar this week and am totally in favor of what you said about raising prices (because I am not charging what I need to have a successful business) but I am scared to raise prices because I don’t want to loose clients. So returning to the question… my business is not a service one, how can I answer this question?

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Rachel, art is important. Your jewelry makes people feel… something. We tend to think it’s a luxury but it gives people deep pleasure because beauty is the personification of hope that something grander is at work. Never lose sigh of that.

  • Heather says:

    This is such great advice, and perfect timing! I’m hoping to launch my ebook at the end of next month and will have to figure out the pricing…eep! This will really help. Thank you Mayi!! 🙂

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