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Attract Tsunamis of Subscribers


Everyone says it, “You need more e-mail subscribers to grow your business”. Geez, thanks. That’s super helpful. Pff!!!


So, my brand new pineapple ukelele + I have decided to fix the broken link between what you know you should do + how to do it. Come sing along!


I’ve got some funky ideas to help bring avalanches of e-mail subscribers your way.



homework time

I want to hear from you. How do you turn strangers into subscribers? Share your brilliance in the comments below.


Oh + please pardon the cinematography this week. Broke my FlipCam last Friday while dancing – a moment of silence please. Now I’m forced to adapt to this new toy. I guess I should read the manual, but everyone knows that ain’t gonna happen, so let’s see how I show Panasonic who’s the boss. I’ll keep you posted.



Mayi Carles


PS: Life is Messy Bootcamp kickstarts today. Have you saved your seat?

36 Responses to Attract Tsunamis of Subscribers

  • Andrea says:

    Great post Mayi! Love your yellow ukulele! I definitely will look more info about squeeze pages,….In my little experience (LITTLE) I’ve found that offering an incetive for people to join your list works. Like a coupon code a free course or something like that. I’ve also gathered some emails from my facebook page but I definitely need a web designer PRONTO!! Because I think (and I’m saying this as a subscriber of many lists) that having beautiful opt ins (design IS KING KONG) in the right places will also work wonders.

    Lov all the way from Mexico! You rock it chica 🙂

    • Mayi Carles says:

      You love it? I do too hehehe. I can’t wait to watch some YouTube tutorials to learn how to play hehehe.

      And bravo on your quest for King Kong design. It’s going to be spectacular.

    • yeni says:

      Hey, Andrea! También soy de México y se me ha hecho difícil encontrar bloggers aquí. Me gustaría que nos conocieramos, virtualemente, ¿qué te parece? Me encantaría que me escribieras! yeni.sanchez@prodigy.net.mx. o visita mi sitio. Un abrazo y espero saber pronto de ti 🙂

  • Jacolien says:

    Wow, you are keeping an eye on me or what?!?
    I just created my email newsletter a week ago! (sorry, it’s still called newsletter. Working on that one…)
    Your tips are so SO helpfull! Thank you so much.
    I’ll immediatly start working on no. 1, 3, 5, 8 and finding a great and fabulous name for my newsletter.

    Can you give any advice on what software to use for the newsletter? Obviously you love Mad Mimi. I do to, but I’d like to start with something free. Currently I’m using MailChimp, but my opt-in box doesn’t look that attractive I have to say.

    Mayi, thank you a million for reading my mind and sharing your knowledge!
    Have a great weekend.


    • Mayi Carles says:

      MadMimi is free the first 100 subscribers too 🙂 I had to upgrade my membership this week once again + I SWEEEAR I was happy to give Miss Mimi my money for handling my peeps so well. I promise you, you won’t even mind paying the monthly fees once you see the results.

      Can’t wait to see 1 + 3 + 5 + 8 in action 🙂

      • Jacolien says:

        Really?!? Cool!
        I’ll go see Mad Mimi from the inside then!

        And congrats on the upgrade! I understand you’re happy to be paying more (in this case).

        • Mayi Carles says:

          I must have been Treasurer in another life because I HATE paying more. Well hate is a very strong word. I’m very meticulous with my money to put it lightly. But when it comes to my e-mail list, I am not kidding you, I am happy to pay. My list is like Christmas morning hehehe.

          MadMimi should really consider hiring me as their poster child don’t you think?

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Mayi! I love these tips… this is something I’ve been working on lately. My newsletter is still called a newsletter though, gotta work on that one. I recently added a promise of a coupon code to those who sign up for my email list. I think that is helpful. Also when someone purchases from me, in their automatic “thank you” email they are prompted to sign up as well. I do need to add the sign up link to all of my Etsy listings still. I think I need to come up with a creative squeeze page as well. Something that will draw people there… hum… thanks for the ideas!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      You are very welcome Sarah! Excited to see the transition for “newsletter” to new fantastic mystery name 🙂

  • Marta Costa says:

    Your videos are getting better and better each time, even when we think is not possible 🙂
    This one was my favorite of all times!!!

    And you read my mind. I was needing some ideas for getting more subscribers. Yes, because you didn’t guess my card, sorry!
    Your magic powers are from another nature 🙂

    Love to you,


  • Okay, okay, I was all bla bla bla….WAIT I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO CALL IT A NEWSLETTER!? GAHHHH WHAT NOW?

    Now I have to rethink my entire life choices.


  • Ha! por poco te salió el “c*ñ*” en los bloopers.

    I was actually invited to a list building giveaway event that starts today, and already getting some new subscribers. Pretty cool. I actually get the majority of my subscribers via free virtual work shops and webinars that I host. But I still call my “newsletter” an ezine so I’ll come up with something clever as I am going to start vlogging. SCARY!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      JAJAJAJAJAJAJA! Pardon my “Spanish” Alba 🙂

      I’m still slightly terrified of blogging too believe it or not, but I think it’s a good type of fear, know what I mean? First I was fighting my own personal gremlins. Then it was peoples expectations of who they though I “should be”. Now it’s my studio equipment. LOL. It’s always something, but that’s what makes the process so AWESOMEEE! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  • Jessica says:

    Newsletters are one of my very favorite things–both to make and get. So, yay, for more subscribers and ukuleles! Just a tiny, tiny quibble. It can be awesome to call it something else when that fits your brand, but just calling it something else to make it less boring… You’ll get way more subscribers by being clear than by being “clever” (which I put in scare quotes because being truly clever is awesome, but being faux clever is so not). Such fun tips, Mayi!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Please do call it a newsletter if your clever name is “Frankenberry”! Same goes with cutesy product titles + “clever” navigation bar links. Be awesome, but never at the expense of being misunderstood, or worse forgotten.

      • Jessica says:

        Yes!!! I was feeling a bit sensitive on the topic on Friday since the day before a client had said she couldn’t start her newsletter yet because she hadn’t decided what to call it. I thought she just meant the name until she said she couldn’t call it a newsletter because “no one subscribes to newsletters anymore.” I was practically speechless, but luckily had some case studies I could give her on why that’s not the case, and why it’s better to start and find your way as you go.

  • Stacia Loo says:

    Your video looks great. I can’t even tell the difference. I love your style. love your dedication. Thanks for inspiring me!

  • Hehe pretty yellow uke! Does it taste like a pineapple?

    Thanks for all the tips. Got a few more places I can add an opt-in, that’s for sure. You just never know!

    I call my newsletter a Museletter. My brand is all about art and dance and music and sass, so it seems to fit. I always like re-naming things anyway. 🙂

  • Maggie says:

    You are adorable! And, just FYI, the promise of a pineapple ukelele is what got me over to the site today…so that should be it’s own (does that make 11 ways then?)

  • Bev says:

    Ooh, the timing of your video is PERFECT since I want to focus on revamping my newsletter and driving in new subscribers. Will definitely check out Mad Mimi and some of your other tips. Thanks!

  • YENI says:

    Excellent advice, as always Mayi! Thank you for sharing. I was wondering if you´d mind giving a piece of advice on how to find bloggers in my country. As I told Andrea (of the first comment) I have had a difficult time trying to find bloggers in my own country.

    Thank´s in advance! Hugs from México

  • Coral says:

    I started my newsletter (yep, it’s called a newsletter, but there are other juicy words in there) and right from the beginning, I put in a 5 day auto responder. I think that has really helped with people wanting to sign up. I don’t have lots of people on my list yet, but I definitely think it is more than if I just had the newsletter. I was worried about pushing it too much by having a sign up at the bottom of each post, but I’m thinking I can do it in a nice way so it isn’t icky. Thats the tough part isnt it? Doing business-y things in a way that feels authentic, not like a sleezy quick buck bozzo. Thanks for the practical advice Mayi.

  • Mary says:

    You’re so adorable Mayi and you always make me laugh! I haven’t gotten very far with my email subscribers at all – but I signed up for a Mailchimp account, just have to design my email template and add a sign up form to my site. Thanks for the great tips!!

  • Raine says:

    THANK YOU for acknowledging that design is Iron Man + Hulk! LOVE IT!
    So many times I quickly hit the back button of the browser because the site was an eye-sore, hard to follow, dated or totally off. Even with good content, many times when visiting a blog for the first time, I forced myself to stick around and understand the purpose of it all because the writer was known to be delivering good content. It was good content, sure it was!!! But certainly not easy to get to without first surpassing the first bad impression.

  • Stefani says:

    AWESOME video! LOVE the glasses! You are too cute!! GREAT tips!!

  • Great video Mayi.I was lost as to what to offer my subscribers for their details. So now I do a monthly draw and someone gets a piece from my boutique (on the proviso they send us a photo with them and their prize). What do you think? I’m not sure if this just attracts people who want freebies; still unsure 🙁

  • Vitrine says:

    OOOh great post!! Just wondering, how/where do I get people to sign up if I sell on Etsy (I don’t have my own website). I’m debating doing this at all because I hardly subscribe to anything, and the things I do, I never pay them any attention. they get thrown into my juknk folder if I get too many emails from one vendor. So I guess I need to be sold on the idea of email subscribers and how it can benefit my business 🙂

  • Elisheva says:

    Hey Mayi,
    I rarely leave comments, but I was laughing out loud (at a coffee shop, mind you, I’m getting some weird looks) and had to say thanks! Great tips, I’ll definitely give them a try…

  • Ana says:

    I’m a new subscriber so I just have to say that i LOVE your energy and your advices and your worksheets, thanks! you’re an inspiration 🙂

  • Hatice says:

    Waow! You are such a doll! I am new, too and will be here for some time. SO energized by your energy! Thanks for sharing and keep it coming! Love

  • Love your shades and your opt in ideas! Thanks Mayi!

  • maureen says:

    you got me with this cute video — I am going to sign up for your …. ummm… updates. 😉

  • Pri says:

    Hehehehehehhe….You are so cute and these tips are so awesome! I love your fun style, it resonates with mine 🙂

  • Ermy says:

    Nice one! And I love your make up in this video, it suits you well!

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