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Behind the Scenes: Life is Messy Kitchen Top Secret Project

Life is Messy Kitchen


Flight attendants, please prepare for departure. Life is Messy Kitchen launches in ONE WEEK!!! Countdown will commence in 3-2-1…


CLICK TO TWEET: Life is Messy Kitchen launches in ONE WEEK!!! Get it first – http://bit.ly/1gnWpqt @mayicarles


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This week, we are putting together the last puzzle pieces + hopefully pulling the last all-nighters of the year + finishing a very top secret coloring book with the tri-MC League (Marbel Canseco + Marcela Claudia Macias + yours truly, Mayi Carles).


Here’s a sneak peek… SHHHH!!!






CLICK TO TWEET: SHHH!!! Behind the Scenes: Life is Messy Kitchen Top Secret Project – http://ctt.ec/EBZ2e+ @mayicarles


Between Marcela’s jaw-dropping photographs + Marbelita’s killer design ideation + guest recipes from my favorite foodie friends + a ton of quirky illustrations hand painted by yours truly + your generous spread-the-words, I’ll be surprised if Oprah’s people don’t call. And shocked if you don’t faint from glee. (Bring a pillow to cushion your landing, just to be safe.)


By the way, if you have no intentions of owning a copy of Life is Messy Kitchen, HIDE YOUR KIDS. I repeat, hide your kids. If those lil’ supers see it, you’ll be screwed. Like when they see Lucky Charms in the cereal aisle. There’s no turning back. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


Stay tuned for more Life is Messy Kitchen behind the scenes magic!



Mayi Carles


P.S.: If you would like to be a part of the Life is Messy Kitchen LAUNCH-O-RAMANESS for a chance to win cool prices + social media love from me + good karma calorie-free cookie points, shoot me an e-mail at mayicarles@gmail.com.


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Sarah Tyler

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