Pre-PS: A masterclass on how to make a living by being yourself is brewing in my good witch cauldron. This is not a side project. It’s not a new business project. It’s a movement. A revolution to end boring. Check out the teaser we managed to film in the Panamanian jungle-forest through torrential rain right here!

What’s up with being popular? It’s not like we’re still in High School. Or the playground. 

Want to succeed as an entrepreneur? You gotta get comfortable with being unpopular. Period.

Being unpopular doesn’t mean you’re an asshole or have to become one.

In today’s episode I want to share with you 3 character traits that wildly unpopular at large but niche famous brands have in common. Hit play to learn more.

To recap, being unpopular means:

  • You hate sheep
  • You love critics
  • You don’t have a backup plan. 

Whatever your perception of popular has been, it’s time to rethink it.

What are some of your favorite unpopular brands? The ones that might be vastly unpopular with a large demographic, yet are killing in with the right crowd.

Popular has been given its chance. Unpopular, our revolution has begun. Who’s with me?