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what i do

I empower creative hearts to smash their barriers to success + turn their multiple passions to profit + make a real difference in the world through inventive thinking + an avalanche of authenticity.


what i can do for you

I can help you find + exploit + unleash your inner awesome, so you can manifest the glory + talent + fabulousness within you. I can help you see all the abundance that’s possible + work through your larger-than-life ideas + alleviate your fears + laser in on the wisest course of action, so you can catapult your business to hall of fame status. True tale. And I don’t even need a magic wand to do it.


Maybe you’re a toy maker + a yoga instructor + a magician + a cupcake baker + a superhero in training + a wedding photographer + a raw food chef or a mommy blogger. Maybe you need help figuring out what to do next or how to finish what you started. Maybe you need a cheerleader that refuses to let you play small or slack off. Maybe you need a savy pair of eyes that can tell you exactly how the market is interpreting your brand. Maybe you’re at the verge of something epic + you need help teasing out the step-by-step plan to take your there.


Let’s bring that down to planet tangible. I can help:

  •  Fix your website nightmares + trolls.
  •  Pin point what’s not working so you can stop doing it, like yesterday.
  •  Streamline your life so you can get more done, without skipping vacations.
  •  Execute your big idea + make it viral.
  •  Supersize your online presence to world domination mode Pinky.
  •  Brainstorm money-making streams to maximize your piggy bank.
  •  Craft the best sales pages in the galaxy.
  •  Control + alt + delete the clutter so you can find your voice + use it to dazzle.
  •  And so much more.


what’s my pixie dust

Think of me as your personal pocket-size creative biz fairy with ruthless outside-the-box solutions for your one of a kind dilemmas + off-the-hook cheerleading skills for the days you feel like being a radioactive power plant janitor would have been a better career move. Pragmatism + poeticism in a bottle baby. Pow!


There are a ton of “coaches” out there, but there’s just one Mayi Carles + this is what makes my one-on-one happy hour sessions truly wicked:

  • I don’t do one size fits all. No copy-paste models or cookie cutter formulas, there are plenty of those already in the interwebs. My sessions are 100% tailor made for your one of a kind needs.
  • I get it. I know what it’s like to be afraid – afraid of what people think + afraid of rejection + afraid of picking only one idea from the million others swimming in my head. I know because I’m constantly afraid too, but I know how to live + leap in spite of the fear. I want to show you how.
  • I hate boring. Pay to yawn? Are you freaking kidding me? Never under my wand.
  • I tell it like it is, with no Splenda coating crap on the side. I ask tough questions + urge on action, because preparing you for the big world stage is my numero uno priority.
  • I have magic powers + so my clients tell me. Not sure I can prove it scientifically, but what you’ll see with your own eyes is  my ability to unleash “The Next Big Thing” in you.
  • I show you da’ money. The starving artist syndrome sucks + waiting for your big break isn’t much fun either. Let me do my thing + show you exactly what you need to do (or stop doing) to run a highly profitable creative business.


pick your favorite

There are 3 ways we can do some magic together. Check it:



happy campers

I’m obviously a little biased (wink), so I’ll let some of my supernovas do the buzzing:



frequently asked questions

What if I’m not sure which is the right option for me?

No worries. Just shoot me an e-mail to with your hesitations + we’ll discuss anything that needs clarification.


How do I pay?

For your convenience, transactions are handled via PayPal, the most secure + easy way to pay online. I heart you PayPal.


I get a little nervous booking services online. Can you run the play by play of how this will work? 

Sure I can. I’ve broken it down into steps for ya’:

  • After you choose + book your session, you’ll get an e-mail from me with a quick Kick Start Survey, which will help us make the most out of our time together. 
  • As soon as you submit your answers, we sync our calendars + figure out the best time to meet.
  • Before our call, I’ll be doing my smarty pants research + warming up my ninja moves.
  • We hold our session + jam. We’ll demolish + polish + refine, kinda like those reality extreme makeover editions, but on steroids. A game plan for supersonic world domination is included, not sold separately.
  • Then you go forth + shine, like stars do!
  • Wait a second! Did you think I was going to throw you back into the world with no life vest? Helz no. It’s a scary place out there. That’s why, after you graduate, I’ll commemorate you with a Survival Kit to help you ease the after shocks. I can also send you a recording of our call for you to whip out anytime your running on low + need a hocus pocus fix.


I’m interested in booking The Dream Come True option, how would that work?

Sweet! We can work light speed-style (twice a week) + super fast (one session a week) + mid-velocity (one session every other week) or baby steps-mode (one session a month). It all depends on your availability + needs + how quickly you want to see results.


Can I e-mail you before + after our session?

Helz yeah! As a client you’re granted VIP access to my inbox for light e-mail bonding prior to our session + for about a week post-session, to hold your hand through the aftershocks.


I’m not crazy about the whole Skype thing. Will that be a problem?

Don’t sweat! Skype is super easy to set up + absolutely free. We can chat with video on or off if you don’t wish to see my funny hairdos. I also understand that Skype is not for everybody, specially if you have kids running around the house or your cat ate your headset. In that case we can arrange for your consultation to be delivered via e-mail or Skype chat. I’ve actually coached many clients exclusively over e-mail with super awesome results. As long as we’re working together + you put in the time + effort, the medium doesn’t matter.


Dress code?

Pajamas please. Workout clothes are also welcomed or something along those lines. Your prom chiffon dress + tiara, not so appropriate. You’ll make me feel like a total bum. Unless of course we’re chatting with our cameras off or via e-mail, in that case you can be naked if you want to.


Do sessions expire?

Yes. A session must take place within 3 months of purchase. This is because I cannot guarantee where I’ll be so far out + I’ve noticed it’s the same with you.


Do you have a return or refund policy?

No. When you book a consultation with me I block out chunks of my time to fully dedicate to you. Your time + mine are super important to me + I like to treat it with the respect + love it deserves. And we all lived happily ever after. The End.


Why are your sessions so expensive?

If your hesitation is price, then please do not book a consultation with me. I’m confident in what I deliver + the value of peace of mind + crystal clarity + accelerated wealth. How much is that worth to you? Money should never be an obstacle. If you catch yourself saying, “I just don’t have enough money”, please know that just means you don’t want it badly enough + that’s ok.


I’ve still got some questions. Can you help?

Of course! Send me all your inquiries + cupcake recipes to


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