Ask Yourself This Question And You Will Never Go Hungry Again!

What’s the point of being you’re own #girlboss if you’re broke?


Being a creative entrepreneur is not a cute hobby. It’s how you make a living + pay bills. If you’re not making money, then what you have in an expensive pastime. And that’s cool, but know the difference. 

Today’s episode is short + sweet, specially dedicated for my folks struggling to turn their multi-passions into profit.

Ask yourself this question and you will never go hungry again:

You’re now 3 pounds lighter. No juice cleanse needed. You’re welcome.

Thanks for watching + helping me spread the word.

Talk to you soon.


10 Things Successful People Do on Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are the most critical time of the week. They set the stage for the week ahead.

Successful people are keenly aware of the typical Monday-morning dynamic of unanticipated events, overflow of communications, and general chaos. So they take extra steps to compensate for this busy time of the week, and apply their best management skills to ensure that the day unfolds as smoothly as possible.

Here are 10 things smarty pants folks do on Monday mornings. Feel free to steal:

Here’s a quick rundown of the habits Monday Bosses master:

  • They wake up early.
  • They don’t skip their Monday workouts.
  • They eat a healthy breakfast.
  • They keep a daily/weekly planner.
  • They carve out time for the unexpected.
  • They tackle the tough challenges first.
  • They give themselves a treat.
  • They add a “blanket of humanity” to their communication.
  • They know there is always mañana.
  • They don’t wine about it being Monday. They know that in 5 days it will be Friday. YAY! They stay positive if you know what I mean.
  • Mondays can be challenging but if we anticipate the mess + craft an action plan to stay calm, you’ll be alright.

What are some of your Monday resuscitators? You can share your favorite Monday routines to stay sane in the comments.

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What Does It Take To Be Your Own Boss?

Are you thinking about quitting your day job to starting a business?

Before you send your resignation letter to your boss + quit the 9 to 5 grind (or more like 8 to 8 prison) or swap your cubicle for a home studio, please let me chime in to give you a few pointers.

What does it take to be your own girl boss? If I had a time machine, these are the things I would tell my 5-years-ago-self to be in the lookout for.

Well, you’ll have to press play to find out more.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we covered in today’s video:

  • Do the work.
  • Ignore everyone. 
  • Never stop learning.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • The Upside-Down Triangle
  • Done is better than perfect.
  • Stop trying to man up.
  • Believe you can. 

And that’s the advice I’ve got for my fellow girl bosses to be. Was it helpful? Oh I really hope it was.

Do you have a friend who’s thinking about starting their own thing? Send them this video please.

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10 Habits That Helped Me Say Goodbye To My Preggo Clothes

Let’s be realistic. There are a TON of “lose-the-baby-weight-and-get-back-into-your-skinny-jeans” articles floating around.  

This post ain’t one of them.

I’m not gonna tell to only cook organic meals from now on, to hit the gym every morning at 7 a.m. or to give up pizza. Let’s be serious.

Getting healthy after giving birth to Olivia was hell. I mean hard. Ain’t gonna lie. Do you think a sleep deprived momma wants to drink a green smoothie for breakfast after being peed on at 4am? No! Moms want a crepes filled with banana + heavily drizzled with Nutella.

So evidently, it took a while.

A whiiiile.

To put things into perspective, the day Olivia turned one I was still holding on to my maternity stretchy pants for dear life. That made me feel a little sad, ya’ know?

I promised myself, next Monday I would start eating healthy. I would start working out again. But that day never came.

Months when by + I kept on eating burgers + lava cakes + ordering take out to take the edge off.

The tipping point for me was the day I was playing with Olivia in my closet + I saw her step into the scale. Of course she can’t grasp the concept of “weighing herself” yet. But that visual hit home for me, ya know?

And there I found it. My motivator. My manifesto. The something bigger than myself I was looking for. A great enough WHY. A mission that could keep me going on the hard days when I feel like eating the entire fridge.

My T-Rex WHY is my daughter. She’s going to need a happy + healthy + sane momma to look up to when all the media is telling her that unless she’s 100 pounds, she is unworthy. Not under my watch.

So here’s my Mommy-festo: I shall attempt to not pass down my own messed up body issues to my daughter for she deserves a strong + confident mom that loves + respects herself, stretch marked + birth scar + cellulite , n all.

In this video I’m going to share with you the 10 healthy game-changers that helped me say goodbye to my pregnancy clothes and hello with open armed to this new body, my home with grace + gratitude.

Press play to dive right in.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 10 habits that helped me say “Esta La Vista Baby” to my preggo clothes:

  • I stopped trying to exercise. 
  • I cleaned my palate. 
  • I turned meal planning is a family affair. 
  • I take grocery shopping seriously. 
  • I adopt a “meatless Monday” mentality. 
  • I stopped eating Olivia’s left overs (cough cough animal crackers), if I’m not really hungry.
  • I stopped joking about being a mombie (a mom zombie). 
  • I ditched strict rules about what are “good foods” vs. “bad foods”. 
  • I splurge on special occasions. 
  • I no longer want my body back.

And there you have it folks. I started these healthy changes August 1st, so roughly 3 months ago. Today I’m happy to report that I feel lighter + happier.

Hope this video has motivated you, inspired you to continue on your own path to feeling your best.

Got some healthy tips of your own to add to the mix? Drop them in the comments below. I’m always up for an upgrade.

Talk to you soon.



7 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them

How well do you know your customers? I mean REALLY know them? Do you know them as well as they know your business or brand?

In today’s business economy, sales don’t come as easy as they used to. Customers are much more sophisticated, much more educated consumers who want to become familiar with your product or services as well as your competitors before committing.

And sometimes one small thing you say or do, or don’t can trigger a new sale or make a customer happy. Or the other way around, of course.

Today I want to tell you the 7 things your customers wish you knew about them. This insight will help you turn more prospects into loyal clients for life.

Press play to dive right in.

Here’s a quick recap of the 7 things your clients wish you knew about them:

  • Customers love personalization and will gladly pay more for it.
  • Customers value good customer service more than fast service.
  • Customers will remember you if you can remember their name.
  • There are few things customers talk about more than a pleasant surprise. 
  • Goodwill with customer doesn’t need to be expensive.
  • Customers love brand stories.
  • If you’re struggling to innovate, your customers are a great resource.

Now I would love to hear from you.

How can you apply that kind of attention to detail in your interaction with your customers?

How can you integrate caring into your social media strategy? Heck into your doing business strategy?

How do you plan to stat getting to know your customers better? Tell me in the comments.

I would also love to hear about businesses that are crushing it when it comes to WAOing their customers. What did they do to win you over as a customer? I think we could all learn so much from this don’t you think. So thanks in advance for taking a moment out of your busy busy schedule to share with us.

I’ll talk to you soon.


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