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Hi! my name is Iveth from the blog Mademoiselle Cranky Pants and this is my Treasure Chest!


Can you believe it’s October already? wow, It feels like the older I get, the faster the year goes by! But hey, I’m not complaining because it’s Autumn, my favorite season. I love everything about Autumn: the colder weather (yes, I have to admit I prefer the colder days!) the boots, the sweaters, the scarves and of course the colors on the leaves!


So today’s picks are Autumn inspired, I hope you love them 🙂




I hope you enjoyed my picks! you can visit my Changing Treasury and enjoy the whole collection. Thank you!


Iveth Morales


Iveth Morales is a blogger, an avid Etsy treasury maker and the mind and hands behing The Angry Weather jewelry. On her blog Mademoiselle Cranky Pants she writes about what inspires her to design/create and of the awesome things she finds while exploring the vast expanse of the internet. You can also find her on twitter @MlleCrankyPants.

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