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Check-Up Time


Nothing rains my parade like a visit to the dentist for a regular check-up. I don’t even care about the “Doctor’s #1 Patient” sticker anymore or the free sugar-free lollipop.


And don’t even get me started on getting vaccinated. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Today’s check-up is different thou. We’ll be paying a visit to our Things I Want to Achieve list to see what’s up. Say hi.


Bring your Liquid Paper + rain boots. Things might get messy.



your turn

Take a look at your Life is Messy Planners or tool of choice. What do you need to delete? What do you need to add? A nap, maybe?


Tell me, in the comments.



Mayi Carles

16 Responses to Check-Up Time

  • I love making sure I”m on track!!!

    The thing that has helped me the most — having an accountability partner. We meet every week to discuss goals for the following week. We also have our larger 3 month goals that we’re working on with a lovely reward if we meet them. Did someone say wine trip???

    I need to add more list building things and delete checking my email all the time!!! It’s a time sucker.

    Thanks for the reminders!!!

  • Tanya says:

    Hi Mayi,

    I recently decided to whittle down my wish on a star list to the following:

    1. Build my Online Sunshine media empire of love and light
    2. Move forward with my and husband’s plan to move home, find a house in the woods and be closer to my family
    3. Focus on caring for the things I already have, the things I cherish most: my marriage, my relationships & my home
    4. Continue to connect with and learn as much as I can from the beautiful souls I’ve found (both online and off).
    5. Have more fun and celebrate EVERYTHING!!!

    The rest is just busy work and not worth my precious time.

    Thank you for being one of those beautiful souls I mentioned in #4!!!

    Stay shiny,


    • Mayi Carles says:

      Do I have your permission to borrow some magical items from your list? Specially #3 + #5. You’re brilliant.

  • Sage Grayson says:

    A nap would be awesome today! 🙂

    I check in on my bucket list goals quarterly too. I need to cross off any to-do items that don’t bring me closer to my goals…maybe watching cat videos on YouTube all day.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Hahahahahaha unless the Cat is Tom, from Tom & Jerry + you’re learning important life lessons on perseverance hehehehe.

  • Monica Lee says:

    I miss you!! You are so cute and so right!

  • Tabassum siddiqui says:

    Mayi, I love how you said that the things that make you truly happy aren’t shiny trophies and magazine features (I’m paraphrasing you here 🙂 And it dawned on me: Why not put on my to-do list that which makes me happy and make those a priority to get more of having a lot of material goals.

    By the way, what has been helping me keep my goals in check are actually your Foolproof Your Goals planner from your Life Is Messy Planners. Every time I “really” want to do something, I have to detail and map out the project from start to finish first. Let’s just say that a lot of my ideas or goals that I thought were important don’t make it to this level once I think that I have to thoroughly plan it out ahead of time. And the best part about this planner, is the part where you have to write out your reward. Love that!

    • Amber Thorne says:

      My goal planner starts with – I wake up and I rest. Crazy sounding but it works for me. Wake up, get my cup of coffee, cozy up with blanket and cat on the lap. It’s time to reflect. Pen and tablet for what ever comes to mind – creative ideas, things I need to do or purchase, people to call. This is reading and relaxing time and it’s the only time I will have for myself. When my feet hit the ground, I am off and running for the rest of the day. Oh, before that happens, as I have mapped out my day and how it should go – I let go of that map. It may not go the way I planned and I need to be ok with that. My work day has a lot of THINGS in it. So before my feet hit the ground, the structure of my day needs to change: PEOPLE OVER THINGS. People make my work schedule messy. They mess up the order of my day and make my work day longer. When I invest myself in the lives of people, no matter what it does to my day, I go to bed feeling enriched and deeply satisfied with what was accomplished in my day.

      • Mayi Carles says:

        I love the “people over thing” mentality. And also the feelings over things. When I focus on how I want to feel instead of on what I think I want everything becomes so much clearer 🙂 Thanks for the input Amber. You’re awesome!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      his is soooo spooky I was just updating the Foolproof Your Goals worksheet for 2014. Are you a pretty witch?

  • claire stone says:

    I always try to add in ‘a bike ride’ to my planner, and I REALLY know it when I’ve been cheeky and skipped it!

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