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Come Happy Hour With Us!


April + I are hosting a Live Happy Hour to answer questions about our own B-School experience (cuz we know it’s a BIG investment!) + the programs that you’ll get for FREE if you use our affiliate link.


If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, get the full scoop here.


We’re even including a rapid fire round at the end where you can ask us anything about our businesses. Wanna know if April scripts her Wednesday Wisdom episodes or if I really work in my pajamas? Now’s your time to ask.


Join us + we promise it’ll be more fun than a shopping spree at Anthropologie. Expect lots of laughter + brutally honest answers + behind the scenes stories we only share with our husbands + each other.


If you can’t attend, because it’s your cousin’s birthday (can you send us some cake?) or your boss is a stickler about you actually showing up for work, we’ll attempt to record the call. We can’t pinky promise the Internet gremlins won’t eat our recording (even though we’ve asked them very nicely not to!) but we’ll sure try.


RSVP for the party right here. And, don’t forget to bring your favorite beverage whether it be a chilled glass of Chardonnay + a dirty martini or a chai tea latte with extra foam.



Mayi Carles


Update: We had a blast talking to our peeps. Our hearts are still BOOM BOOM BOOM beating in excitement from chatting with ya’ll. If you couldn’t make it, click here to check out the recording!

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