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Come On Down. You’re The Next Contestant On: The Price Is Right


Not to brag, but on the sunnier side of the planet we’re getting ready for “Los Carnivales” – think Mardi Gras but with fire trucks spraying water to lots + lots + lots of drunk + semi-naked people.


Don’t get too excited though, I’ll be headed the opposite direction from “the action”. You’ll see my Instagram fill up with tree-hugging hikes + farmer’s market adventures + unsynchronized pool swimming + BBQ Sous Chef-ing + hammock mastery + attempts to start the infamous Insanity workout + wine-o-ramas with yellow ukulele while staring at starry skies. Talks about aliens + dinosaurs luckily edited out until pics can sing.


Now, on the creative biz side of the galaxy, there’s a new Friday Video Time episode waiting for you where you’ll learn how to:

  • Price tag your products like a champ.
  • Deicky-fy how you feel about putting a fair ticket price on your babies.
  • Laugh! With me or at me. No judgment.



homework time

Do you struggle to find a pricing sweat spot formula that works for you? Don’t be shy! Share your sound barriers in the comments + I’ll be there as well as the Heartmaker gang to bring clarity + insight + cheers. Give me a P. Give me an R. Give me an I. Give me a C. Give me an E.


Hasta la vista baby!



Mayi Carles

20 Responses to Come On Down. You’re The Next Contestant On: The Price Is Right

  • claire stone says:

    Brilliant post Mayi – I loved how you made it so clear that a pricing formula is soooo crazy!
    And I love how you made it so obvious how much the price reflects the true value…I have been thinking about this for a while, and I do need to work this out a little more.
    I guess for me one of the blocks is the little voice in my head which always says ‘no-ones gonna pay that much for an hour of your time’ even though I spend way more than an hour on each hour!!!! I need to get rid of the voice, the voice, the voice…

    Have a fab friday

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Ohhhh that little voice. It’s must be related to mine cuz mine keeps saying the same thing over + over AND over again. Crazy balls. That’s why I need to keep reminding myself that by “undervaluing my work” I not only hurt myself, but I hurt YOU… I hurt EVERYONE!

      • claire stone says:

        Absolutely. And what’s worse, is any time I discount my price (which I am really learning not to do), I realise that the person isn’t really committed to what we are doing (I am a nutritionist). If they pay full price, they value it, and they get more from it. I recently raised my prices which seems to have made a difference, but I’m actually feeling that come April, I may increase them again. It just feels hard, because as well as the voice in my head, I also have real actual voices saying ‘people just won’t pay that kind of money’, which also makes it tricky!
        Definitely something I need to work on,
        thanks again

        • Mayi Carles says:

          OHHHH don’t even get me started on “people”. “People” said I was crazy for charging $97 for an “ebook”. Said people don’t pay more then $5 for ebooks these days.

          First: I’m not selling an “e-book”. You are also not selling “an hour”. You are selling the confidence to feel sexy again in a polka dot bikini. You are selling the opportunity to wake up every morning + don’t be embarrassed to look in the mirror.

          Needless to say these “people” are (a) not my/your customers (b) clueless of how profitable real value is when presented + packaged as I/you know my/your peeps need it most.

  • Alle says:

    Your happy-vibes are infections, Mayi!

    Pricing formulas are EV.RY.WHERE! I understand they may give some people a starting point, but they just freak me out.
    I think my biggest road block is that I struggle to price the worth of my time. Being a service provider makes things vague in my head…I don’t have inventory to calculate, “hold-in-your-hand” materials to purchase, etc…I think I undervalue myself WAAAAAY too much.

    Sigh. Time to work on that…thanks for the bright spot in my Friday morning!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      I love this Alle. Well not the “undervaluing yourself part” but the spilling open part because I have a feeling I can help. You see, I also offer “coaching” (which in my books really means uncoaching all the crap people learn over the years that makes them sound like robots…anyhow) + it has really helped me to focus on benefits + features (i.e. You will learn the step by step on how to… + you will get my toolbox kit + you will receive my pitch perfect media cheat sheet with done for you scrips. Those are more tangible. The best way to find “these” is asking your previews customers. Look up their testimonials + see what they say.

      I even made “you make a boring topic fun” a benefit. Keep your antennas wide open 🙂

  • Jacolien says:

    Whooow! Someone was in her hyper-pants! Haha, loved it Mayi!

    I’m also, as everybody else, struggling with my prices. The items in my etsy shop are things I’ve made myself, just to be making something. It’s mainly hobby right now, but I’m working on stepping things up this year. I don’t want to price it very high, because I like to think that my products are an option also for people with not so much money.
    But after this video I’m really confused…
    I’d love to get some feedback from you and/ore some readers here.
    Feel welcome to step by and don’t be affraid to give honest feedback. How would you price my products?

    Oh, yeah. Here’s my shop: http://www.jcln.etsy.com

  • Bee says:

    Loved your new Emerald green color! Such a ‘fashionista’. Question, how do you include your costs to pay yourself, wasabi tape, packaging when your price is the suggested retail price of the product?

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Awww thanks Bee. The new shirt is from Anthropologie 🙂

      And great question. Here’s what works for me: I track + jot down my expenses – include your PayPal fees + wasabi tape + kraft paper + supplies + utilities + postage. Then, I come up with the number of items I need to sell per month – “guesstimating based on experience + listening to my customers. Last, I divide that number into the total expenses.

  • Rebecca says:

    I loved this video. Not only because it took a difficult topic (that can be so dry) and made it fun…but also because it is such a good reminder to price our work being mindful of how the price impacts the perception of the value and impacts the community!

  • Angela says:

    Still haven’t reached that point, but I’m working on it. I used to really undervalue my work like A LOT!!! Slowly but steady I have learned that this was really wrong.
    As soon as my prices went high there where more people that appreciated my creations, so I figured… whoever WANTS it, is going to BUY it anyway, no matter the price.
    Now I’m sleeping better at night, although I’m sure that I’m still charging less that what I should.
    Loved your video! You made me laugh so hard but you were also so right about everything! 🙂
    Also this color on the blouse and this lipstick look so great on you! 😉

  • Raine says:

    Love your videos, so much fun! Still can’t get over that cute spinning fairy. SO cute! 😀
    I have nothing to sell – yet – my head spins around with so many ideas which is good, but drives me nuts as it doesn’t help me focus in one thing. Anywho… I think I narrowed down to what will be the first one, and argh! just to think about finding the right price, my stomach turns up-side-down. I will come back to this video when time comes for sure! Thanks for making it FUN and less scary! 🙂

  • Ann says:

    What are some great books or series on pricing?

  • alex says:

    Hi Mayi, just wanted to pop in to say thank you. Even if i am still wondering what kind of product i should actually make for a living (i change my mind every 5 minutes!), i am already preparing myself for the next steps. And i have to say that you are hilarious and you always give so many valuable info! So thank you for your hard work. PS: i actaully did get your e-book (but the early bird price:), and i loved it. Son many info! I have to re-read it and take good notes.
    Muchas gracias por todo y que sigas tan divertida porque la verdad que me alegras los viernes:) Feliz fin de semana.

  • Erika says:

    This time you got me right in to my oh SO Achilles heel … sucking in that department (really working on it though!). Besos.

  • Cindy says:

    Hello Mayi,
    Thanks so much for all of your super motivating, inspirational and helpful videos! I look forward to watching them every week. I am starting to take my painting more seriously and have been trying to figure out how to price my work. Like you said there are really a lot of formulas out there but I keep asking myself how does time factor into this? I often need lots of time to finish a piece but charging for this time would make my work too expensive for most people (I think). Most people suggest to price according to size and I see why they say this but I can’t help but think maybe I am cheating myself a little bit. Then there are things like paints and brushes…. how do I know how much use I can get out of one brush? I know that I have to “estimate” but where to start? Do you maybe know of a good resource that could help me to price my artwork? Your video was already helpful! But I was mainly wondering about the whole time factor and how you see it.

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