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Confessions Of A Fake Santa Claus


People are freaking experts when it comes to asking for things that aren’t offered. Ahem. Ahem.


Does it look like I live in the North Pole?


Have you seen me call my pet Rudolf?


Do you see me wearing a velvety outfit?


Do I HO HO HO instead of LOL?


My point exactly.


The suggestion box is to the left, thank you very much.


I have a lot to say about creating offers inspired by customer feedback, but I can’t strap you to the chair for the full ramble, so a 5 minute vid’ will have to do for now.


For my confessions + revelations + incoherent lessons, hit play.



your turn

In the comments, I would love to hear your experience suggestion box-inspired products + services. How did it go? What did you learn? I still wrapping my finger around this one, so I could really use the extra hand. And I suspect we would all really benefit from listening to each others stories – success + failure alike.


See you on the dance floor.



Mayi Carles

17 Responses to Confessions Of A Fake Santa Claus

  • alex says:

    Ah!ah! your videos are so hilarious. Me encantan!
    To answer your question, for the moment, i never listened to a “potential customer”…because most of the time they are asking for thinks i am not interested making. And i don’t have a lot of time, so i rather spend my time making things i love (even if nobody is interested…but that’s a matter of time).
    That’s a very good point you touch in your video because it’s always tempting to listen to everyone, except that most of the time people says things and then forget, or worse, they change their mind….
    Muchos besos y feliz fin de semana

  • Katie Morton says:

    I actually just wanted to comment and say…you. Are. HILARIOUS. Love this video, so fun.
    Anyway, this reminds me of the Trojan Horse method of selling: market for what your customers think they want…like thinner thighs for example, but give them what they need: healthy self esteem so that they stop thinking that thin thighs will drastically improve their lives.
    Not that you do false marketing and tell them they are signing up for something they’re not getting, so maybe that’s a poor example.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Makes me the happiest to know you like video jamming with me 🙂

      I LOVEEEEE your insight about the Trojan Hourse Method. I had totally forgotten about that one. You smarty you. Thanks for sharing. Super helpful + relevant!

  • Maru says:

    Mayi I loved this video! And your advise, I think you are completely right.mi have not had the experience, but we can’t please everyone and we must know our ideal customer.

  • Kagan says:

    Mayi, you always bring the fun to my Fridays!

    This topic is a great one for me at the moment because I received some feedback and a request on my own site and I have been thinking about how to use it all morning. Do you drop everything and give them what they want? Continue on with regularly scheduled content or just file it away for future reference? Your video got me pointed in the right direction.

    When given suggestions I think you have to really be clear about your vision in order to know if they’re right for you. The key to ignoring suggestions that aren’t right for where you’re headed is to have faith. You have to believe that the vision you’re working to create is one of value and worth pursuing in order to stay on track and not try to chase down every opportunity that appears to come along.

    Thank you for showing up and making it happen (especially with that gorgeous pink nail polish that makes me want to go paint my nails right this minute!).

    See you next week, friend!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      AHAAAA! I read minds 🙂 Or this must be cosmic synchronicity!

      You point out something super important: your vision. If the suggestions along with your vision GREAT, but if they don’t one must learn to say no without guilt. Staying true to the end goal is the secret. So true.

      As for the painted nails, gotta thank my mom. I NEVERRRR paint my nails, but I had a weeding last weekend + mom booked a mani + pedi appointment so I didn’t look like I just pulled out of my pj’s hehehehe.

  • Great video and topic Mayi! I love your sense of humor and greatness on video. So true…wants and needs are two different things. It’s so hard to say no…even when we need to. Thanks again my friend.

  • claire stone says:

    Ahhh, brilliant post. I have been really struggling with this – one of the feedbacks from my detox is that I should supply a list of grocery stores, or even the option of supplying some of the products to people. But I just cant’ see how it would work – people are doing the detoxes all over the world, and I was wondering if I could somehow figure it out. This has made me realise that I don’t want people doing my detox if they need me to tell them the exact shops to go to – I want people who have the gumption to figure it out themselves! Thanks for giving me permission to either ignore, or at least, use their comments to clarify what I want to offer!

  • Awesome video!!! Love it! So much!
    I kinda made the mistake you are talking about. Before I went to b-school I would try to fulfill any wish my customers had. Custom orders – sure! Making and shipping within 2 days – no problem. Make the 75th owl button – this time in purple and yellow – of course. Even though I did get orders – I simply started to resent what I did. I even considered giving up button making altogether. It was just no fun anymore. At some point I just started “playing” around. I had closed my shop (for other reasons) so there was no pressure and no order to fill … and suddenly I realized: I still LOVE button-making!!! And of course I ended up creating a whole new style of buttons that are much more me. I know, my story is kinda another twist to your story … but it still shows that it is not always the best idea to listen to your customers’ request so I thought I share! 🙂

    I have to admit I still sometimes feel kinda bad when I refuse to act on requests. Even though I should know by now. So your video made me feel a whole lot better! 🙂


  • Kim Gosney says:

    True…true…true!!! Fabulous video + I have been there Oh! Yes! I have. I had to tune out everyone + listen to me + focus on a couple of things that I really wanted to do + do well instead of a million others :), but it’s working!

  • This is so true! Almost to the point that I don’t bother asking my “audience” very many questions like this anymore, because even though they want something, they don’t appreciate the amount of work that goes into it and they won’t/can’t pay for it.

  • Stacia Guzzo says:

    This really hits home. I’m still feeling out what, exactly, is going to be my “core” product, but I made the mistake early of filling every “do you have…” request and got very burnt out for a time. Now (with your help), I am shaping my dream and it’s really beginning to finally come together and make sense. Thanks for the entertaining reminder and the Friday smile. 🙂

  • Migdalia says:

    Thank you Mayi !
    i just need to hear this today!!

  • Fel says:


    Let’s dance.

    But before that, I SO love that you talk about this. I personally feel that each of us creative masterminds [so everyone in the world, ever] has a unique ability to know what people will not only want, but need AND pay for. That is, if said creative mastermind is paying attention to their unique abilities.

    In terms of creating offers, I like to think: what do people don’t even know they want yet? Sort of a steve jobs visionary approach. And then in terms of sales, I always focus on [like what you said] listening, being open, and simply being interested in the person. Where they’re coming from. What they think about. Usually it is the interest in them that makes them feel they want YOU to be a part of their lives–so that extends to all you create and build with your artistic hands. I always interpret a “sale” as someone really saying “I want you to be a part of my life.” Money energy is really letting somebody in!

    So, in short. Love your people. Relationships=sales. Create from your wild heart.

    With love,


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