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From Busy to Happy: The Good + The Bad + The Very Very Ugly


Boo! It’s not Halloween just yet but I wanted to scare surprise you by popping in a little earlier than usual. It’s Wednesday Video Time!!! Well, sorta’.


So, what’s the special occasion? Has quitting sugar made me delusional? Hmm, not yet.


No, it’s not my birthday either. That’s on Monday, October 21. I want sugar-free virtual cupcake recipes in my inbox. You’ve been warned.


This is about me. I mean, it’s really about you, about us.


You + I were born with these unique gifts. Don’t try to play it cool now + downgrade your awesomeness. I can see right through you missy.


Deep down I know you know you we destined for T-Rexness. For books + for big stages (with raving fans) + for TV + for Oprah. It’s in your DNA. Greatness is.



But somewhere along the road we hit a crossroads. Then stop signs. Followed by the never-ending-sequence of red lights. Darn. And last but now least, the infamous bird poo on the windshield whipper, despite your Grand Plan to conquer the world before Christmas.


Mess happens + it smells like public bathrooms. But we tuck it below the Welcome mat so no finds out.



I’ve given you small peaks inside the junk trunk, but oh no, never like the one I’m about to spill. Never so raw that it hurt. Never so open that it made my fingers fight for the “delete” button.


I’ve had to work through a lot of “stuff” to get here. I’m not sure I’m even ready to share the shame stories out in public, but my biz super-partner is making me. Blame April.


Oh yeah, cuz it’s not just me. Oh no! April + I are both unmasking the Great Big Magical Wizard of Oz of our personal business journey. A video with our back story, E! True Hollywood Story-style, with the good + the bad + the very very ugly.


Will you come along for the ride to make this less scary for us? Click here to watch it now.



We open up about the fears we had about laying the foundations of our businesses + how we ended up doing what we do.


We talk about combining our many passions into businesses that permit Anthropologie shopping sprees.


You’ll see us doing some crazy things like teaching actual stuffed animals + dancing in tutus.


Grab your 3D glasses (or not) + click here to watch the video.



Psst… expect to hear from us very soon. We’re opening up a 21-Day Mission that starts on November 1, so save your confetti + mark your calendars.


If you want to make a giant leaps in your life + business before 2014 rolls around, you’re going to want to join The League of Supers for an all-out movement from busy to happy.



Mayi Carles

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