Ditch Fancy, Try These Revenue Ideas Instead

I hosted a Closet Sale the other day on my IG Stories. On a complete whim.

Didn’t plan, didn’t stage, didn’t expect much, given that I’m no local celeb, ya’ know? But when I started running out of kraft bags to pack orders and even lost my assistant Olivia cause she went off to throw a Trunk Show of her own, I knew this would somehow become my next video.

And here we are. Hit play to catch my BIG aha moment.

QUESTION: What’s the ONE on-a-whim thing you will try this month to give your income an extra boost?

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PS1: I meant to say “$1 a minute”, not hour.

PS2: In case you’re curious about my Closet Sale logistics, all orders came in through DM, paid via Yappy or ACH and where instantly removed from my stories to avoid reselling by accident. Not fancy, but got the job done.

Video: @visufilmspty

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