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DIY Cute Owl Ornament


My holiday spirit is a little out of control this year. It’s not even December yet + I’m almost done DIYing my gift list + so close to the official gift wrapping ceremony. Picture rolls of eco-friendly paper + jute twine + of course, my hand-painted gift tags.


I’m like the anti-Grinch Who Stole Christmas. On a mission!


Next on the countdown to Christmas is decorating our second Christmas tree as Mr. + Mrs. Larrinaga, which hubby + I are super excited about because last year we got back from our honeymoon too close to Santa’s arrival + barely made it on time, phew! Unfortunately our tree paid the price – an ugly price, LOL. This year, we’re making a comeback + putting a lot of thought + love + DIY wonders into our “arbolito navideño”.


Want to come for the ride? Well you’re in luck because today I’m showing you how to make this DIY Cute Owl Ornament. Let’s do this.



  1. For this fun project you’ll need black + white wool felt (for the eyes) + 2 additional wool felt colors (for the body + belly) + a fun accent fabric scrap + matching color thread + ribbon (for hanging) + stuffing + scissors + needle. And you can download the pattern right here.
  2. Using the pattern as guide, cut out the fabric + felt pieces.
  3. Start by sewing the the belly + head of the owl.
  4. This design is hand-stitched, but you can use a sewing machine too.
  5. Sew all the rest of the body parts.
  6. This is how it looks when all of parts are properly sewed together.
  7. Now we are ready to stuff the owl.
  8. Stitch the whole frame of the owl to secure the stuffing stays in. Don’t forget to add the ribbon to the top for hanging.
  9. When you finish sewing make sure to cut off all the excess.
  10. Personalize the back of your owl. I added a little red heart + my signature label.



This project is a little time consuming, but also incredibly relaxing to create. It’s a great project to do while listening to music + a TED talk or sipping hot tea. Let me know if you give it a spin. Would love to see pictures.



Mayi Carles

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