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DIY Doily Cones


Totally nuts for Kate’s lacy wedding dress (yeah, I know you watched it too, LOL), I got in the mood to make these oh so sweet DIY Doily Cones.


These darling cones are perfect for a handmade wedding, but also makes a delightful party treat.




For this project you’ll need:


  • Paper doilies
  • Silicon glue
  • Scissors
  • Wood buttons (I got mine from Wooden Treasures)
  • Thin twine
  • Manilla tags (I got these from Olive Manna)
  • Black calligraphy marker
  • Clear tape
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Confetti or rose petals


step by step

After gathering your ingredients…


1. Wrap doilies to make cones.

2. Use silicon glue to seal the deal.

3. Have a blast decorating your cones.

4. Fill cones with confetti or treats.



My favorite part about this crafty project is that it’s so darn inexpensive. Always a plus.


Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the best DIY projects, don’t ya’ think?


For more DIY mania, hope on over to the new DIY Gallery.



Mayi Carles

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