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DIY Fabric Flower Tutorial


Today I’m so excited to share with you this super fun + elegant DIY Fabric Flower Tutorial brought to you by my dear client + friend + colleague Kristi from A Life Through the Lens, one of my favorite photo shops in the web-sphere. I’ll let Kristi do all the talking now. Take it away girlfriend!


I absolutely love these burned fabric flowers that I’ve seen so many people wearing lately. They look so simple and elegant. In general I don’t wear a lot of jewelry or hair accessories but, I will wear these.



  • Candle or tea light
  • Synthetic silky material
  • Scissors
  • Round objects to trace (I used drinking cups)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Beads
  • Glue gun
  • Scrapbooking brad or a button
  • Cover button kit (found at the local craft/fabric store-I found mine at JoAnn’s)
  • Headband or hair clip


steps by step

After gathering your materials…



I traced some drinking cups in descending sizes on the fabric and then cut the circles out. They don’t have to be perfect since you will be burning the edges. Here are all the finished circles.



Light your candle or tea light. Carefully go around the edge of your circle. You don’t need to get that close to the flame for the flower to curl. If you get too close the fabric will start on fire, so please be careful.



To add beads in the center of the circle choose a coordinating thread color, thread it, and tie an knot in the end. Then pull the needle through the bottom of all the flowers. Then pull the needle through the bead and then thread down through to the bottom. Repeat for as many beads as you’d like.



When finished tie a knot in the bottom and cut thread.



You can attach the flower to a clip. I like to cover my clips with grossgrain ribbon. The flower attaches easier and I think it gives it more of a finished look. Then glue the clip to the flower with your glue gun. Finished and ready to wear.



Or you can attach your flower to a headband. I covered a headband with grossgrain ribbon, glued the flower on top of the headband, then glued a piece of felt to the underside.



You can also put a brad, beads or a fabric button in the center to play with your flowers look.


I hope you enjoy making your simply elegant and beautiful fabric flowers with my tutorial.





Kristi is a self-taught photographer + blogger + mommy. She find inspiration from her children + nature + the simple things + soft colors + natural light + quotes + life. Visit Kristi’s stunning A Life Through The Lens Shop + learn more about her at A Life Through The Lens Blog.

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