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DIY Felt Pinwheel Comb


You can make these super cute felt pinwheelsfor any occasion. You can make them into combs + bobby pins + bows… almost anything.


In this occasion we will be making a playful red + turquoise eco-friendly DIY Felt Pinwheel Comb.




  • Your choice of 2 colors of eco-friendly felt sheets,
  • 2 pearls
  • Matching color thread
  • Scissors
  • Silicon glue
  • Metal comb
  • Needle
  • Brand label (optional)


step by step

After gathering your materials…



1. Cut two circles, approximately 2.25 inches in diameter.

2. Delicately apply glue to the two circles and place on the other color felt (see image above to know how it should look).

3. This is how it should look once you glue both circles unto the felt.

4. Remove the excess felt to make two circles.



5. Cut a one inch X on each circle.

6. Sew together the four points of the X.

7. This is how it should look when you sew together all 4 corners to make the pinwheel.

8. Repeat step five with the remaining circle. And feel free to switch the inside parts on the second one to get a different look.



9. Sew the pearls on to the middle of each pinwheel.

10. Sew the two pinwheels together. I like to do all my stitching in the back, so you can’t see this part from the front.

11. Sew in the hair comb or any hair accessory of your choice.

12. Delicately cover all your stitch work with a piece of felt + add your personal label (optional).



Don’t have time to make them yourself? Don’t worry… you can purchase your own already made Pinwheel Hair Accessories in a variety of colors from my eco-friendly boutique.


And a big thanks to my friend Brittni from Paper N’ Stitch (one of my favorite blogs that shares a daily dose of handmade + design + inspiration) for being such a sweetheart + sharing this tutorial with her readers as well.



Mayi Carles

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