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DIY MIni Luminariums


Having the opportunity to whip up DIY tutorials every Friday on national TV has not only given me the opportunity to share my passion for handmade goodness with my local community, but it has also allowed me a channel to praise + celebrate + spread the word about my favorite peeps in this industry.


Last segment, for example, I had the pleasure of giving Ez from Creature Comforts a BIG shout out on the show + created these DIY Mini Luminariums inspired by her gorgeous Printable Decorative Candle Wraps. Ez has been such a ginourmous role model for me that I just couldn’t resist sharing her awesomeness to my Panamanian crowd + now on my blog too, though I’m sure she needs no introduction in the blogosphere lol.


So if you’re curious about how I made these luminariums, here’s how you can do it:



  • Kraft paper
  • Scissors
  • Silicon glue
  • Battery candles
  • Cork pin
  • Clothespins
  • Lace


steps by step

Step 1: Cut kraft paper to 3 x 6 inch rectangles.


Step 2: Draw design by punching wholes on the paper. Use soft surface like felt sheets or towel to avoid a desk disaster.


Step 3: Wrap paper around your tea light + glue. Use clothespins to secure the gluing process + trim excess paper.


Step 4: Once your candles are wrapped, decorate with lace for an extra touch of pretty.


Step 5: It is now time to turn on your candles + turn off the lights + enjoy!




For the love of God, please utilize battery tea candles. Paper + flames don’t go well together.



If you’re feeling extra crafty you can even create a constellation Luminarium by Googling your constellation sign + printing it out + punching the stars on your piece of kraft paper + sew them together. You can see a little bit of my libra constellation in the picture. It really turned out beautifully.


Think this was fun + easy? Then you should also check out Ez’ Printable Decorative Candle Wraps.


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