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DIY Recycle-Your-Fave-Zine Necklace


This is one of the funnest + cutest project I’ve done to date. By far.


It all started with a pile of beautiful store catalogues accumulated over the months. What was I to do with those paper stunners? The trash bin didn’t seem right. So I after some creative-aerobics, BANG! The idea for this DIY Recycle-Your-Fave-Zine Necklace came to me.


Wanna give it a try? This is all you’ll need…



step by step

After you gather your materials, this is how to make your very own necklace…



Step 1: Strip down your favorite zine into small paper parts.



Step 2: Roll away each paper strip + add silicon glue to the tip to keep in place.



Step 3: Continue rolling all your paper parts. Be alerted, it will get sticky.



Step 4: Cut your recycled paper tubes to the desired length. I cut mine unevenly for that asymmetric necklace look.



Step 5: Apply water base sealer to all your paper tubes + let dry for a few minutes.



Step 6: Poke each paper tube with thin needle + pass elastic fisher’s thread through.



Step 7: Keep going until you form your desired necklace design.



Step 8: Add your jewelry end to finish off.



Step 9: Voila! Que bonito! Love it!


I feel like I can wear this DIY Recycle-Your-Fave-Zine Necklace with so many outfits, it’s kinda out of control.



If you have any questions about this tutorial or need further details about how things were made, please feel free to contact me. I’m always available to help you make things with love.



Mayi Carles

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