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DIY Recycle-Your-Old-Zine Photo Frame


A couple of weeks ago I published this eco-friendly DIY Recycle-Your-Fave-Zine Necklace tutorial. That’s when I discovered that rolling magazine tubes with silicon glue is the best keep secret to release stress + decompress. Who knew!


As it turns out, I got so carried away putting my outdated magazines to good use that the idea for an alternate crafty project seemed only fair. That’s how this DIY Recycle-Your-Old-Zines Photo Frame was born.


Isn’t it pretty? And it comes perfectly handy now that David + I are decorating our new home sweet home. I promise to show pictures once everything is ready or at least decent.


The good news is that you can do it too + today I’m going to show you exactly how.


This is all you’ll need…



step by step

After you gather your materials…



Step 1: Strip down into small parts, using your hands, your old magazine. Sorry Ready Made Magazine, we had our good moments, but I gotta let you go.



Step 2: Roll away each paper strip + add silicon glue to the tip to keep in place.



Step 3: Continue rolling all your magazine stripes. Be alerted, things will get sticky.



Step 4: With the hot glue gun, cover the entire photo frame surface with magazine tubes.



Step 5: For that raw look, leave the edges untrimmed + asymmetric.



Step 6: You’re finished. Yayy!


It’s so easy + practical, I’m scared I might be tempted to cover the whole house with recycled magazines tubes. I wonder what David will think about that, LOL.


Let me know how it goes on your end. You know me, I love it when you create things with love.



Ohh + if you have any questions about this tutorial or need further details about how things were made, please feel free to contact me. I’m always available to help.



Mayi Carles

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