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DIY Wrapped Hanger


My abuelita Mery created the world’s best yarn knitted hangers. How could she not, she made em’ day + night for the entire family. I swear she could hold a Guinness record for speed + amount made in a lifetime. She was fierce.


Mine were pink, to match my ballerina room of course. I loved them then. I love them even more now.


Oh yeah, I still got my bubblegum pink hangers, here, featuring my favorite pieces, cuz they make my clothes look pretty, but even better that that, my spaghetti straps never fall + my sleeved dresses never widen. It’s a granny’s wardrobe secret that I’m spilling today. That’s what happens when you’re a good apprentice (wink).


These DIY Wrapped Hangers are a modern spin to my all time favorite version, because the originals cannot be beat. They are perfect for every closet. Perfect for all clothes types. Even David wants them + I know you will too. So, go grab your supplies cuz it’s crafty playtime.


step by step

First let’s start with the knitted hanger.



Materials for the hanger:

  • 2 hangers
  • Yarn of choice
  • Scissors
  • Wood spools (from Olive Manna)



Step 1: Fill your wood spool with some delicious yard to make the wrapping process super easy.



Step 2: Stack two hangers together for extra thickness + durability.



Step 3: Wrap the entire hanger surface with the above knitting technique.



Step 4: When wrapping, make sure to close the gaps between each loop, like shown above.



Step 5: Voila. Hanger is ready.


Now, for the cherry on top of the cake, let’s add the oh so cute pinwheels.



Materials for the pinwheel:

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 2 contrasting felt colors (from Benzie Bazaar)
  • Silicon glue
  • Needle
  • Matching thread



Easy breeze, right? If the visuals didn’t suffice + you would like the how-to instructions, you can find them in this pinwheel tutorial I did a little bit ago.



Oh my! just posting this makes me so tremendously nostalgic, but immensely grateful to have the opportunity to share a little piece of my grandma’s spirit with you.


I hope you enjoyed it big time!



Mayi Carles

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