I didn’t want to post anything this week. Had nothing to write about. Had nothing to say. I felt STUCK. Uninspired. Bored. Uncreative.

But I’ve been here before. This ain’t my first speed bump.

Life paralysis happens when I’m too afraid to put anything out in the world that could be imperfect. It’s all the ideas that I don’t pursue because of my deep fear of saying the wrong thing + sounding stupid + making people mad + failing + making mistakes + disappointing others + letting myself down.

It’s what happens when I mixup self-improvement with perfectionism. 

It’s what happens when I make things more complicated than what they really are.

Hola! My name is Mayi Carles + I’m a recovering perfectionist + an aspiring better than good enoughist.

I really hope this post, I mean showing up today, counts as therapy. Does it? Do I get a cookie?

Today’s video is a testament to getting things done to the best of our abilities. Done is better than perfect any day of the week. That’s my mantra after all. I’m also gonna show you a quick trick to get more done + tell Little Miss Perfect to talk to the hand.

You know what to do:

  • Uncomplicate your to do list.
  • Set yourself up to win.
  • Break down these la la land fantasies into actionable steps you can tackle. Hint: The first word should be a verb.
  • Show perfectionism who’s girl boss.
  • And do yourself a favor while you’re at it will ya’? Practice a lil’ self-compassion. You own it to yourself for striving to be your best.

Achievement is never the result of a single action, it’s the build-up of all of our dones.

In the comments, I wanna here ONE thing you did today. And I will celebrate it with you. By doing a dance of course

Thanks for stopping by. I adore you.


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