Do’s and Don’ts of Doing Custom Work

Welcome back my friend. Here’s another vid for ya’, from my T-Rex heart to yours. This one is all about commissions or special request.

If you are considering doing custom work, follow these simple do’s and don’ts, so you can enjoy the process + appreciate your client (as opposed to resenting the sale):

I love doing custom work. Last month I got paid to design a unicorn mascot named Juicy. Pinch me. But it wasn’t always this much fun.

When I started I wasn’t charging enough, I apologized for everything that wasn’t even my fault, I had no boundaries in place. I’ve learned tons by doing + making mistakes, so I hope that today’s video inspired you consider doing custom work, or if you are already taking special orders to make it an awesome experience.

If you have any tips of your own to share, drop them in the comments below this episode.

PS: Love today’s jumpsuit? I got it at my mom-in-laws lovely store @inmotionboutique


  1. I am just staring a branch of my business where custom work might be a huge thing for me. This video came at the best time. Thanks girl!

  2. GREAT tips, Mayi!

    One thing that I wish someone had said to me 5 years ago when I started is that you should have a contract! I resisted it for soooo long, but now I have peace of mind when working with one-on-one clients.

    Currently, I believe I need to work on making my updates more fun. I keep my clients in the loop, but I think I can make it fun for them and for me.

    For keeping up with clients, I love the program Dubsado! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it’s a life saver for me. 🙂

  3. I often get the timing wrong for sewing or artsy projects, so I had to apologise and push completion dates a bit further a few times… or work at night realising I had undercharged. I always thrive for perfection and keep clients updated with nice pics and, when they authorise me to do so I share on my IG story and they love it! So even when late I never got a bad feedback.. but still working on my prediction skills. It’s hard! 😅

  4. Mayi bonita! hace bastante no entraba por aquí. Mucha información muy valiosa gracias!!!
    El mono padrisímo! peroooooo tú estás más delgada y jovial que nunca! <3 te mando un abrazo apachurrado

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