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Eclectic Freshness Treasure Chest


Hello there! I’m Iveth Morales from the blog Mademoiselle Cranky Pants and this is my treasure chest! A place where I muse about all the wonderful handmade/vintage things I find on Etsy.


Today’s finds are a super cool eclectic mix of things and styles, what unites them are the clever design and wonderful, fresh, vibrant colors. I hope you love them!




If you loved my finds, I recommend you to click on this link to see my entire Treasury Eclectic Freshness, enjoy!


Have a wonderful week 🙂


Iveth Morales


Iveth Morales is a blogger, an avid Etsy treasury maker and the mind and hands behing The Angry Weather jewelry. On her blog Mademoiselle Cranky Pants she writes about what inspires her to design/create and of the awesome things she finds while exploring the vast expanse of the internet. You can also find her on twitter @MlleCrankyPants.

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