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English or Spanish? Stuck in a Language Pickle


While editing this video I had a revelation: “I am my #1 Fan”. Cue celestial music. Wowww. Where did that come from? Is that even allowed?


Thought I’d share my narcissistic delusions. Keeps me honest. It’s supposed to be healthy.


And speaking of brutal honesty, today I’m kidnapping Friday Video Time to make a much needed parenthesis + address the question that keeps knocking (read: haunting) at my door: “Why don’t you write posts + create videos + make products in both English + Spanish?”


Good one. Smarty pants.


Deep breaths.


Where is my Emotional Intelligence book when I need it?


So, “Why English over Spanish?” you asked. Well, this is my reply. And as real as it gets my friend.



When you’re done watching you have my permission to grab your favorite nugget + turn it into a tweetable. Or choose my favorite above. I’ll buy the virtual cupcakes.



Mayi Carles

30 Responses to English or Spanish? Stuck in a Language Pickle

  • Kim Gosney says:

    Amazing video Mayi! I’m compiling a list of my many substitutions, but you really helped me in the wee hours of the morning! I’m always trying to be too much, do too much + I’ve started saying NO to things that just aren’t right for me right now. I’ll be re-visited this video for weekly motivation 🙂 Buenos Tardes!

  • Katie says:

    “Choose freedom over what others will think.” I need to get that in poster form and hang it up in front of my desk! This video makes me want to get even more clear about my ideal customer, and then not hold back trying to reach her.

  • claire stone says:

    Holy Schmoly – you made me cry!!! Your very best video over – or at least your very best video for me ever.

    This has really helped me focus – I keep thinking about all the alternatives – not languages, but all the other examples you gave – especially my business focus. I keep trying to be a bit of everything for everyone, or getting scared that I can’t decide who I should be and for whom!!

    Looooooove it
    thank you

  • Verónica says:

    Ohh you shine in this video! And brilliant advice you give… I needed this as I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to this language thing without finding the “solution”. I’d love to stick to English only but 1) I’m not confident enough as it is not my mother tongue and 2) Some family and close friends wouldn’t get a clue… But I guess they are not my dream buyer : ) Thank you one more Friday!

  • Marta says:

    I hear you, Mayi!
    I decided to stop writing my blog posts also in portuguese because I had to take better control of my time. I realize the same thing, my customer avatar do speak english too even if only the basic stuff (like me!) so no need for two languages just to try to reach to everyone.

    But my “languages problem” is website design in all it’s forms…I’m never satisfied enough with what I do.
    Working on it 🙂

    PS. Honesty is soooo sexy 😉

  • Loved this episode!
    My business is in two languages – and I totally get what you mean. It is ALOT of extra-work! I love it this way and would not want it any other way. But I totally love how you made this not only about 1 language or 2 languages – but basically everything. I love how you state clearly what are your priorities!
    I realized some time ago that I was driving myself crazy and basically starting to sacrifice everything my most important things (people) in order to run my business faster … where those priorities and people where the reason why I started my business in the first place! So crazy!
    It is kinda scary how easily you can get into this biz-rut where you just operate in biz-mode and completely forget why you are doing all of this in the first place. I try to remind myself often WHY I do this – just to make sure. 🙂 And it feels good, too! 🙂

    You are a huge inspiration Mayi!!!


  • Kate says:

    So resonating with this video, thanks.
    Would love love love to take the time to get everything translated but I found that people who genuinely want translation often are the same people who will help me translate… plus I get to know my audience better that way and I also get better feedback from these individuals… bonus!
    However my downfall is updating, I could spend the whole time updating an old image / instructions / format / rewriting / adding pinterest images / QR codes…. the list goes on! Think I need a poster saying something like : have you been creative today or just tweaked?

  • Geneviève says:

    Wow… I have the same problem. Here in Québec, speaking English has always been a little bit touchy because centuries ago, we fought for our culture and our language. This fight to keep “us” alive is kind of still going on.

    It’s really difficult for people to accept that I’ve decided to work in English.

    Thanks for the little pep talk, it helps a lots continuing on this long big hard road. But hey! I love my job! 🙂

  • Wendy says:

    I could not believe you did a video on this when I got the email. Es que vives en mi cabeza o algo? I have been a product of my own “trying-to-do-all-things-and-accomplishing-very-little” disease.

    Gosh I need some focus fasts!


    • Mayi Carles says:

      Mi Wendy bella! No vivo en tu cabeza, sufi con el mess de la mia hehehehe… pero es por eso mismito que conosco nuestros tormentos como la palma de mi mano. Animo amiga. You can do it!

  • Shana says:

    You are SO inspiring. Yes, you do know your Avatar. I was nodding my head at each line. 🙂 Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for being you and sharing your amazing energy and insight with us.

  • Amorsita! I loved it. Felt like you were talking right too me!! Being spot on with your avatar is like being one with yourself. Kinda a cool feeling to know that. Makes trust in decisions more solid. Very Inspiring, SO needed this today. (pssst…and my entire creative life too, ay mama) Thanks Peque. Y un abrazote como el tamaño de 10 planetas. jejejeje!

  • Maria says:

    I enjoyed that!
    I have just found you and I am glad I did. I have a similar setting in my life creative/strategic person with Spanish, English… and Catalan (that purposely leaves aside the tortured French I have to learn and live now). Oh well, if life doesn’t get linguistically messy, you are probably doing something wrong.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Hahahaha I hadn’t thought of it that way but you’re right. And if it’not language, it’s another pickle. If there isn’t another pickle you are probably doing something wrong. Hint: playing it too safe + being too vanilla (boringggg!)

  • Andrea says:

    ¡¿Qué pedo wey?! jajajaja oh Mayi you just nailed it for me!! OMG this is what has been holding me back completely to start my new biz! LANGUAGE! I kept feeling guilty for thinking about just doing my stuff in English, I was like “oh but what about my peeps!(which all do speak at least a bit of English, duh!) ” The truth is I spend so much time with my online girlfriends that sometimes it’s actually easier for me to write in English…. I know, I know….trying to reach everyone is really demanding!! WOW The guilt was so overwhelming and I just realized that! I LOVE YOU MAYI eres genial!! I still have to meditate on this but the truth is that translating everything doesn’t seem sustainable at all…This is the most relieving friday video I’ve seen! GRACIAS GUAPA!!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Jajajajajajaja. Recuerda que tu negocio no es una democracia…. enfocate en donde puedes hacer el MAYOR impacto con tus superpoderes. Gracias a ti guapa por estar aquí. Se te quiere!

  • Amber says:

    Mayi, I must say, I thought for sure this video would involve you punching your way through a giant pickle! Well, my mind created the visual anyway and that was enough to start my Friday off right. I think you’re making the right decision for you, and with this video you are releasing all the little talking gremlins that keep you (and David!) up at night. Your work will only become stronger because of it. Getting clear and drawing that line in the sand (for now), allows room for your product and life to become even better… more focused, more pure, more you. And for that you DO actually end up reaching more people. Thanks for keeping it real and speaking from your heart.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Getting clear + drawing a line in the sand. YOU nailed it Amber. That’s EXACTLY it. Although for some it will be drawing a line in the snow 🙂

  • Paulina says:

    OMG! I didn´t not see this coming! I thought you were going in a completely different direction with this video. I got teary eyes! I don´t know how you do it Mayi but somehow you find a way to speak to us directly. I was precisely overwhelmed with my project wantig to make it HUGE and PERFECT! “recognize that some wishes are not that important RIGHT NOW” … that is just so true…”be gentle with yourself..if not you who will?” I´m just always trying to do everything!!!! but now I´m working on a project that´s just to big just for me since I don´t have ALL the skills and that was being very frustrating…. LOVE YOUR VIDEO, LOVED THE ADVICE! thank you again Mayi

    • Mayi Carles says:

      It means so much to have you here Paulina. To have your back… to be able to help. “Be gentle with yourself..if not you who will?” I see a poster design in my horizon hehehe!

  • Fit Missy says:

    Love your energy!!!

    You are truly awesome and you really know your stuff!

    xo xo

  • ina says:

    Mayi– Girl, you are so awesome!
    🙂 Cyber-besitos!

  • Lisa says:

    Mayi, this is fabulous…absolutely brilliant! Love it love it love it!!!!

  • Barbara Asia says:

    I’ve watch so many of your videos and absolutely love them – but this is my favorite! You are awesome!

  • monica says:

    Epiphany fairy, I love it! Much appreciation from a Puerto Rican American mutt. You are like sunshine and a lightning bolt packed into one.

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