What if instead of figuring out if you were naughty or nice this year, you asked yourself a more timely question: Have you been different?


In today’s world of rectangular cereal boxes + extra strength pills + superfluous apps + identical toothpaste options + copycats (who I’m hoping Santa leaves gift wrapped moral compasses under their trees), it pays to escape the dizziness of the competitive herd.


Being different is not a tactic, it’s a commitment to the unprecedented – Click to tweet!


I started this blog because I had big dreams, like you do, of becoming the exception, not the rule. And that’s because at my core, I believe the idea brands of tomorrow belong to the revolutionaries + the crusaders + the troopers whose hearts twinkle when they take sharp left turn + refuse to do yet another boring Power Point presentation. Are you one of them?


Watch + be a part of the conversation that’s happening in the comments. I’m excited to hear your spin.



Mayi Carles