I like big comments + I cannot lie.


And yo’ e-mails too.


But replying to them is getting harder + harder by the second as I approach my busiest time of year. My production factory is swamped designing new toy. SOS! Calling all minions to the Mayi Pole.


In the meantime, for my pajama bottoms convenience, I decided to piled up a list of frequently asked questions + spill the beans right here… right now.


It’s a FAQ-a-thon Friday Video Time – 15 questions + 15 answers + 1 yellow ukelele.


Let’s do this thing!



let’s do a lighting round

Shall we? The comment floor is open for a Speedy Gonzalez round of Q+A’s. Hit me with it!



Mayi Carles


PS: Special thanks to Karina Pallares for styling this hot mess + doing my make-up this week. Seriously, where do I sign the check to hire you for life before Chanel steals you away?