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For my smarty pants convenience, I’ve piled up a list of frequently asked questions to give answers to your burning inquiries + your silly curiousities as well.



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When did you start blogging + why?

I began blogging in June of 2010 as a way to spill open all my hopes + fears + passions + epiphanies + worries + questions + more. I wanted + most certainly needed a space to vent + a platform to throw all instruction manuals in the trash bin + give my heart something worth beating about + inspire others to do the same. Plus, I was looking for a job that involved me working in my pajamas 95% day of the time. Blogging seems like the perfect fit.


Your site is beautiful. Who designed it?

I did, but not the coding. I would have died of a heart attack. Amen for my web wizards.


How do you manage to do all that you do?

Oh boy! I wish I could tell you I have an army on Umpa Lumpas bouncing around my studio helping me out. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. It’s just me + my 10 little fingers here. I think it helps to have inherited my fathers intensity + obsessive discipline, because I’m naturally very self-driven + hyper active. My Life is Messy Planners are also oh so handy to jot down all my crazy ideas + forget nothing. Well, almost nothing, cuz I mess up on occasion, but shh, let’s keep that between the two of us (wink).


I really enjoyed your {insert name of post here} post. Can I share it?

Of course! I love it when others enjoy my posts enough to share them with their friends + network via social media or their own sites. You have my permission. Just keep in mind, posts can’t be copied in their entirety + I do ask for a link back to the original post with credits. Also note that all layouts + tutorials + collages + printables + videos on this blog are created solely for the site, so please don’t reproduce these items without written permission. Thanks for understanding.



I love your whimsical illustrations, can you make me a custom character?

You bet. Send me an e-mail to mayicarles@gmail.com with the details + I’ll take care of the rest.


If I send you a gift will you feature it on the blog?

Aww serioualy? I L-O-V-E getting snail mail + if your gift is a good fit for the blog’s aesthetic + content, then of course I’ll give you a shout out.


I make cool stuff. Can you feature me on your blog?

I rarely, if ever, feature just cool people + products or shops. I’m more interested to hear your story + what makes your heart sing + these sorts of things.


I would like to use one of your images on my blog. Can I?

I’d love for you to share my work on your blog, that’s so kind of you. I only ask that you please give credit to my work + link back. Thanks for understanding.


How you keep your videos coming?

The honest truth? Because I committed to making them every Friday. It’s incredible what social accountability can do for you. In the back of my mind I feel that if I don’t show up for an episode my readers will think I’ve been abdudted by aliens.



I love your videos. What video equipment do you use?

My old school videos were filmed on my MacBook Pro’s built in camera. Now I have a Flip Ultra HD + I love it. For a really long time I placed my camera on top of a flipped trash can on top of my desk, but I’m now proud to say I own + use this tripod. For lighting I use this + this for a glowing look (thanks April Bowles for the recommendation, you rock!).


I love you Friday Video Time animation. Is it something you got done or did yourself?

You’re in for a treat. My brilliant animator, Arturo de la Guardia created a video explaining our entire collaboration. You can check it here. Hope you love it + find it really valuable.




I’m wondering how you get your hair to look so silky/smooth all the time.

Awww stop it! OK don’t LOL. Although my hair will never be as sleek + gleaming + TV-commercial ready as I’d like, I do have to give credit to my mom for never giving me permission to dye my hair before I turned 18. Surprisingly, by the time I got to 18 I no longer wanted to jump on the painting-my-hair wagon, so what you see is the result of being 100% natural. It also help stay away from over-the-counter hair crap that feels like detergent. I’m a loyal consumer of organic shampoo’s + conditioner’s, Aveda being my absolute favorite brand.


How tall are you?

5’1″, like an Umpa Lumpa but a bit taller.


You’re cute + smiley. Tell us something about you we would never expect.

I once crossed the Canadian border illegally inside a big trash bucket. Please don’t tell my grandma’, she wouldn’t be proud.



What does Mr. Larrinaga do for a living?

Hubby is an independent insurance adviser + an avid surfer + a BBQ champion. I love + admire him unconditionally, for this + every lifetime.


Where in the world do you live + love + create?

Panama City, Panama… born + raised baby! Panama, in case you’re not familiar, is that tiny little country on the map sandwiched between Costa Rica + Colombia, you know, where the Panama Canal is? That one. Exactly. It’s sunny + rainy + hot + sandy + beautiful all year round. Living here does give me that bragging right.


My studio/home is located right next to my parent’s + in front of my grandmother’s + diagonal to my aunt + uncle’s + two houses away from my Godmother’s house. So, as you can probably imagine, my work is greatly influenced by my very loving + supportive family. If you ever find yourself in town, please bring me cupcakes!



If I write you an e-mail will you get back to me?

You bet. I might not be able to get back to you as quickly as I’d like to, but I promise I’ll get back to you every time. I pride myself in always being within reach + accessible to my readers. Your interest in me + this blog means the world to me.


If I send you an interesting question will you add it to this FAQ list?

Sure. Tackle me with your question baby! Send it to mayicarles@gmail.com.