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Free Gift Tags Inside Ho Ho Ho

Free Holiday Gift Tags


I interrupt your gift wrapping + egg nog sipping + jingle bells singing + Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer sweater knitting + frenetic Holiday shopping to say a big fat Santa Claus-sized THANK YOU!!!


I still pinch myself that your here. actively watching + raising your hand in the comments + showing me you have my back. Seriously? And just like if that weren’t enough, my Google analytics (hadn’t checked those in a while) just informed me that the Heartmade family is growing rapidly beyond my wildest projections + I know it’s because of YOU!


You are freaking AWESOME!


Thanks for all the infinite little ways you show you care.


I’ve tried to hunt down the right words to tell you how much you mean to me + how much I appreciate you, but it’s been a failed mission every time. So, instead of cursing my Spanglish Version 1.0, I’ve come up with a little something something to by pass language + speak from my T-Rex heart.


The idea inspired me to shake things up in December + play Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho!!! You’ll see what I mean in today’s episode.


Free Holiday Tags2

your turn

Any ideas for the upcoming December gift giving episodes? Things you would love me to make for you or leave below your tree? Santa’s is taking notes. I’m trusting you’ve been nice this year (wink).


Oh + do you have a friend that needs a little Holiday picker-upper? Share this post with them. Can you imagine the smile on their face when they see these cute Holiday Gift Tags? I know, right?



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