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Free Printable: Daily Post-It Prioritizer


Raise your hands up in the air if you love post-it notes? Make me proud people, I said, “Who’s obsessed with post-its?”


Oh my goodness, so the other day I stumbled across this brilliant DIY idea on the interwebs + I said to myself, “This is pure genius. I’ve just got to try this at home to put my endless batch of post-its to good use.” That’s how the Daily Post-It Prioritizer was born, with peak-a-boo hand-illustrations. Are you cheering?


As an organizational master, I know the importance of keeping daily to-do’s bite size + manageable + also (this is the part that most people miss) stacked in the order in which they need to be tackled. Yes, foolproof to withstand all noise + resistance + shiny objects.


Feeling like a rockstar at the end of the day with all your tasks check-marked is the goal Tweet This!



Now, the beauty of this Daily Post-It Prioritizing system is that you get to write up your goals on post-its (can you see me doing the happy dance?) + then, fix the order in which you want to start nailing your items (most urgent goals first) + when you’re done, remove your accomplished tasks from sight.


And my favorite part of all is that you can start this ritual all over again the next day + then the next without having to reprint your sheet. Only thing that’s constantly changing are your post-its, just like musical chairs.



I have my Daily Post-It Prioritizer pinned to my cork board already. Ain’t it super cute?


Now, who’s gonna join me?



Mayi Carles


PS: I swear I have no affiliations with the post-it people. It’s called pure love.

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