Get Them In The Shot

Inspired by the #getintheshot campaign (an invitation to encourage moms to be in the picture) today I propose a new kind of challenge. To document you parents and their parents. Get them in the shot.

Would like to hear from you. What is your most precious treasure + memorabilia + document + possession + footage from a loved one that’s passed.

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  1. Waw, You have blown my mind…
    Having happy tears in my face make me realize those truly treasures I spent with my abuelita like learning how to make tamales even if last year I lost her on April, every time I saw you how you put yourself in front of a camera transmiting to the world those beautiful moments with her your abuelita as well making a book keeping it real and even if it make me smile and enjoy it am glad to say you keep it real down to earth evento time with all the magic it comes through.
    Thanks for exhorting us to capture those moms, dads, grandpas and grannies under the lens of a camera.
    Certainly I will share it once it’s done.
    Tons of blessings,

  2. querida mayi,
    hace poco encontré por pura casualidad un vídeo de mis papás (mi papá murió en enero de 2021) felicitando por su cumpleaños a un familiar, ¡y era tan él! yo no podía parar de llorar, al verlo. lo tengo guardado en mi disco duro y espero no perderlo… pero aunque así fuera, volver a “verle, escucharle, sentir su energía” de nuevo, tan claramente, después de muerto fue un regalazo que nunca olvidaré.
    me enantó tu vídeo, mayi!!! 💖

  3. I’ve already lost all my grandparents and my mom.
    From my favourite grandfather, who is gone 18 years ago, I keep a guitar pick he bought for me when I wanted to have guitar lessons back in my teenage years. I had 2, but I gave my cousin one of them, because he is the only of his grandchildren who is pursuing a musical career, but was so young when my pop died he didn’t get to see.
    From my mom I inherited a ring with a semi-precious stone that used to be my great grandmothers earring (my grandmother had the other one and gave it to my sister). And, from my great-grandmother, I have a singer sewing machine with around 100 years old. Suchs precious possessions. Thank you for making me think of these.

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