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Got Questions? Sure You Do



Whether you’re thinking about joining Operation World Domination or OWD & B-School, we bet you have questions + doubts + hesitations + that feeling when the plane reaches maximum altitude (and your seat is right next to the toilets).


We had millions of questions when we were considering investing that much money in one swipe. Picture intense nail-biting + bank account staring + long conversations with our husbands + ice cream-binges.


The process is intense.


The decision is scary.


We know.




You might even be recycling your temptation to join from last year or even the year before that. Your thoughts are probably racing: “Everyone is doing it, I don’t want to fall behind.” “Am I ready?” and “What if I already know the material and I just need to apply it?”


We know the drill. That’s why we’re hosting NOT ONE but TWO Happy Hours to spill the beans about all things Operation World Domination AND B-School, to help you make an informed decision.


Is it a good fit? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. You won’t be able to resolve your brain chatter until you ask. And we’re not suggesting you ask your grandma. Ask people you trust + who know the ins and outs of being a girl boss.


Pick your date! Save your seat!






On the call we’ll tell you everything you need to know about our mastermind + B-School. Plus we’ll stick around for a laser round of Q&A in the end, so come ready to tackle us with any fears you might have about hopping the fence.


It’s scary. We know. This IS a BIG deal, so we’ll come prepared to tell you the truth about EVERYTHING…even if it’s not what you’re hoping to hear.


We’re not planning to through glitter in your face + lure you into buying something that’s not for you. We truly want you to make the best decision for yourself.


Hope you join us for one or both HAPPY HOURS. Come early. There’ll be dorky dancing.



Mayi Carles


PS: The first call is happening TODAY at 3PM EST. Save your seat right here!!!

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