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H is for Happy Hour


There’s nothing that makes me yawn wider than the word “productivity”. Time management is a close contendant. I mean seriously right? Who wants to spend time learning how to use up their time? Master the clock? It’s silly monkey business, isn’t it?


This is me + April doing our yuck-productivity-is-so-freaking-boring face:



Now give us some Chardonnay + party glasses + we’ll even make licking envelopes for a living fun times. That’s when it clicked, “OMG! We need to throw a productivity-themed Happy Hour”.


Not Boring Hour. We said Happy Hour. The kind were I confess why I never ever set my alarm clock + how I survived 6-months without a paycheck. The kind were April spills the beans on transitioning from therapist to money-making blogger + only having three items on her to-do list.


This is me realizing I won me the coolest business partner in the galaxy:



100 points for Gryffindor Mayi.


And that’s us doing our woohoooooo-let’s-talk-biz-like-a-boss face:



I suppose it worked. Apparently.


Niki Jackson told us she’s been walking around the house saying OMG OMG OMG since the call. “The things you taught there have given me an epiphany about my business and my approach to it.” How cool is that?


Marbel Canseco called it “absolutely amazing”. Gotta love my girl Marbel.


And Catarina Syder wrote us the sweetest e-mail thanking us for being brave + sharing what we did.


My new Instagram friend Rosa Luna called it “encouraging, empowering, and all the positive-ing I could think of.”



We must of hit a good nerve there. We felt it too. Can we do it again?


Bares pausing Friday Video Time to catch the play back, just in case you missed the real thing or wanna take notes.



Revelations + aha moments + would-be-nice-for-next-time suggestions are oh so welcomed in the comments below.


Can’t thank you enough for helping us put the H in Happy Hour.



Mayi Carles


PS: If you haven’t already, head your butt over to Connecting the Gaps. There’s an avalanche of free goodies calling your name superhero.

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