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Happiness is Freedom Blogging in your Pajamas (Free Printable Inside)

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This post is about happiness. Well, and about personal freedom too. The kind I discovered from jumping into this vortex called blogging. The kind I hope everybody will eventually discover for themselves. The kind I believe will permanently + irrevocably change this world for the better.


Having a blog, a voice, having my own stage where I can just “be Mayi” changed my life.


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You see, I crave a different type of buzz. I want to paint because I feel like it, not because I have something to prove. I want to lay in the sand + read a book I’ll never be tested on. I want to build pillow forts + tell stories when the moon is high. I want to wake up slowly without a clock or inbox to rush to. I want to fly to Mars or the laundry room, but with my husband. Screw Cadillacs, I want to ride a unicorn. I want to be happy + free. I want to give the world everything. 


Now, I can. And I don’t even have to wait for Martha Stewart’s entourage to pick me + deem me worthy if media coverage. Exactly.


Suddenly my career as a tiny Panamanian artist with a T-Rex heart isn’t dependent on the Illuminati or the Gatekeepers of the world – the publishers + the Hollywood exes + the editors + the celebrities + the curators. Suddenly I’m in direct contact with my audience + they are in direct contact with me too. No Wizard of Oz curtains or waiting for anyone else to give me the green lights.


Blogging 5


Good one.


I blog because it keeps me honest. If I say I’m gonna write a cookbook, I better do it. If I promise delivery by Christmas, the parcel better be there before Santa Claus arrives. Pressure. Blogging keeps us accountable.


I blog because it gets lonely sometimes, know what I mean? And when it does, I love talking to people who read my blog + watch my videos + share my obsession with Pinky and The Brain, not only because they are “fans” + boost my self-confidence when I most need it, but cuz they bring new light to what life might be. With blogging, a monologue quickly turns into a virtual happy hour. Yee ha!


I blog because no one likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to go shopping. When I’m asleep, people buy my stuff – my Life is Messy Bootcamp + my whimsical designs + my book. And I think that’s pretty cool. When your content moves people + builds goodwill, your folks feel like you’ve given them so much already that they’re happy to swipe their credit cards for you. Blogging is karma.


I blog because it makes the easy stuff easier + the hard stuff, well,  just as hard. Let’s see, I create + I post + I make myself a drink with an umbrella. Easy. Well easier than sitting in my touchie waiting for Oprah’s producers to call. Blogging removes many obstacles. But no matter how easy it gets, the actual work is still a pain in the ass. Creativity is time consuming + labor intensive + appears whenever it wants to. We artists live for this sh*t. Except now, thanks to blogging, we can hustle in our Buzz Lightyear pajamas. Not bad.


I blog because blogging allows me to be quirky + unique + ferociously independent + small while still able to afford expensive strawberries + a trip to Curaçao. Thanks to the Internet + blogs, we finally live in a world where indie bands + nerds + girls with video cameras can survive. And thrive.


I blog because that’s how I’ve met most of my besties, including my business partner in crime April Bowles. We stumbled upon each other’s work online one day. Somehow we stated talking + leaving comments + trading e-mails. Somehow we raised enough money to lift our dream project Connecting the Gaps off the ground, while wearing tutus + superhero capes. And this process never stops. Magical friendships keep on happening again + again.


I blog because it lets me show off my ninja moves without looking like an arrogant narcissist. Let’s say you happen to bake the world’s chewiest S’Mores cookies. I understand if you want to keep your granny’s recipe a secret, but you can tell me how to impress hubby with a double crust pie, don’t you? Generosity, there’s no faster path to winning loyal followers that will last a lifetime.


I blog because through blogging my work has reached millions of people. I’ve shipped orders to Sir Lanka + Hawaii + South Africa + Argentina + Japan + places I don;t know how to spell + even had to look up on the map because they didn’t exist when I was in High School. Damn! (Psst… if you’ve been lucky enough to receive one of my packages, granny’s responsible for the hand-sewn envelopes. Aren’t they cute?)


I blog because it helps me document + immortalize my schizophrenically creative journey. I love (and secretly hate too) looking at my archives to see where my mind + heart have been. “Holy Batman! What was I thinking?” Or, “I nailed it!” It’s like having your own little personal time capsule or virtual diary to navigate through the memories + learn from them + grow.


I blog because blogging gives me VIP seating to Google’s premieres. Blogs are built for search engines. Period. They are indexed faster + more frequently than any other website. They also have this cool optimization feature that reads your keywords (like “handmade” + “business tips” + “blogging”) + connects potential readers to your site via those tags. This means targeted traffic from people who want what you have 24/7. Pretty neat right?


I blog because it remind me that what I have to say is important. We tend to forget that on the other side of the computer there are people, real people, being impacted by us. By YOU! If we slack off or hoard our gifts, everyone loses. Specially that one person who truly needed to hear your story, because sometimes an aha moment is all it takes to change everything. Blogging matters.


I blog because owning my media platform means owning my career. And owning my career means owning my life.


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Telling people how great blogging is is easy. Everybody knows that already. The hard part is admitting that the ball is on your court. That it’s up to you to cut the crap excuses + use this amazing tool to make really awesome stuff happen. Right now.


Frankly blogging is not rocket science. Anyone can do it. And that in itself is what generates the great dilemma of our time: It’s no longer a question of whether or not you can do it. You know you can. Now the pressure is on you to mute the negative brain chatter + snap out of people-pleasing + let go of perfectionism. Now the pressure is on you to spill open + embrace imperfection + give the world what you’ve got.


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It’s hard + scary as hell + that’s why most people never do it. Never even try. Thank goodness you aren’t most people, right?


Only when you are brave (read crazy) enough to look under the bed to fight hairy monsters will you discover that the only trolls that exist are the ones inside your head. Suddenly you stop running away because you realize no one is really chasing you with a bazooka. Suddenly you stop reaching for banana bread because you realize there is no edge to take off. Suddenly you stop gossiping to feel better about yourself because you realize that deep down you really wish we all make it. That’s when you become boundless + infinite + fierce enough to hit the “Publish” button + change the world without ever stepping out of your jammies.


The moral of the story: Go blog. Like a BOSS! Once you see the results, it becomes an obsession.




Before you exit, grab your Happiness is Freedom Blogging Notecard it’s FREE + so is leaving a comment. Talk to me. I wanna know why you blog, or not. I bite, but only if you’re a cupcake.



Mayi Carles


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28 Responses to Happiness is Freedom Blogging in your Pajamas (Free Printable Inside)

  • Kristin says:

    As always, I love your honesty, willingness to share and help others and most of all your inspiration! Thank you!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      I love your comments + willingness to share this journey with me + most of all your kindness that makes me blush EVERY TIME 🙂

  • Amanda Sue says:

    I blog, because something incredible is on the inside of me…waiting to be unleashed.

    And I blog, because when I read other people’s blogging journeys, it inspires me, and reminds me that anything is possible. You are one of my inspirations.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Me too! When I read other people’s blogs I get little butterflies + fire crackers inside my belly + it inspire me to find my own path. How beautiful that we found each other!

  • ok first things first~the printable is ADORBS<3
    second ~I love hearing why you blog!
    I blog exactly because I am a nerd. a vintage nerd.
    I have collected vintage greeting cards forever and collecting involves a lot of researching..which, yes, I do for fun! …digging through old magazines, books, ephemera, articles, salesman samples++++ and finding out about the artists, companies, industry history etc.~at least my version of collecting involves this~ Imho collecting anything whether it be greeting cards or tea cups or …or… or… is really all the same, it's the vehicle of the "collectible" or the "collection" as a springboard or sorts to dive into history:)
    so, anyway, I wrote up a few articles on some vintage sites and shared examples from my collection that I was researching and I thought well, I guess I should put this info all together in one spot… I thought I could just use the blog as a spot to store all the research I found. and voila vintagerecycling.blogspot.com was born:p
    like you, the blog has helped me find my peeps.. my kindred spirits<3 those who are interested in things like what the greeting card displays looked like in the 1940s, or what cards were being made for the soldiers, or who still have their Holly Hobbie Valentines from the 70s..
    oh yeah and there's the whole avoiding dealing directly with the illuminati, too….good point… better to keep the kids safe:)

  • Alicia says:

    I blog because I want to share how living in harmony with the planet is easier and more fun than people think and I love to share healthy recipes!! 🙂

    Thanks for the cutie patootie download! Can’t wait to print it and starting using it! 🙂

  • Marie-France says:

    Hi Mayi! So happy I stumbled upon your blog. What a great post! I love to blog because I love to write and share my story and wisdom with others. It’s so freeing to let it all out on the page. It helps me grow and makes me happy to put pen to paper (or typing to screen, in this case).

    Each of us has so much to share with the world. I really do want to see us all succeed and make our dreams come true, because we can…and we should!

  • April says:

    This is seriously the cutest printable EVER. Of all time.

    Thank you soooooooooooo much for being apart of this “blog tour” and for pouring your heart into this post. It’s open, honest, and funny. It definitely tugged at my heartstrings.

    Like I’ve been saying, you’re the BEST person of all time ever. 🙂

  • Katie says:

    I love this post. So honest, and so true! I blog because it gives me an outlet to share all the wonderful things I research, read, discover, and need to share. I blog because I love to write and it’s a great outlet for all the words taking up brain space. I blog for credibility, because I want so badly for someone to hire me as their event planner and I know they need to know me first.

  • Daphne says:

    Thank you so much for writing this, Mayi!! I needed to hear this! You are such an inspiration to me, I am very grateful that I found you via Heather Thorkekson. You have really changed my whole outlook on business, blogging, life and having a good time 🙂
    I have shyed away from blogging because I’m not a super fast typer ( though I do have a typing program that I could very well practice 10 minutes a day which would help… But that would eliminate of of my excuses I suppose! Haha). But I will get to it now! I used to write in notebooks and journals several times a day, but I stopped years ago. Yet, I have always considered myself a bit of a writer… You just reminded me that blogging is the perfect platform to explore more of that!

    thank you!!! Muchas Gracias!!!

  • Cara says:

    I love this Mayi! Especially the part about fighting monsters and taking the edge off and then realizing that actually there is no edge… you’re just fine. Great lesson!

  • Coral says:

    We finally live in a world where indie bands + nerds + girls with video cameras can survive. And thrive. Yes yes yes!!! We control how our world works. We don’t rely on others to “pick me, pick me”, to dictate our success or our value. When I first decided to get serious about blogging, the first lesson I learned was own your own real estate. So so true. Love your concept of not being sold to but loving online shopping. Genius.

    So many people talk about blogging to make money or be some sanitary boring expert. I feel sorry for them because it’s so not about that. It’s about sharing your heart with the world and finding your kinda people and finding a place where the fit is just right. Where you become a you-er version of you. Where you learn so much about yourself as part of the adventure. You get to go exploring and meet amazing friends and mentors and find hidden paths you never knew existed. To truly go on a grand adventure. And sometimes you get to do it in your jammies.

  • Janette says:

    I want to blog. Ended!

  • Sandra says:

    Why do I blog…. I could be here talking for ever… I blog for some of the reasons you written and must because I want to share the things I see with others, my work, my ideas, my images and the little moments I capture in the camera.
    Love reading this post! I think I will do a post about why do I blog. Thanks for sharing!!

  • sofia cope says:

    Mayi, I find it a privilege to learn about your blog. I have been a regular reader. Just never got around to leave a comment because I was somehow waiting for a ‘defining moment’, whatever that means. Haha. But this entry. I think this was IT. You have completely made your message clear and you’ve done it so well (classic Mayi, somehow you always know what to say).

    Blogging IS hard but it is a risk worth taking. I could not agree with you enough on this. It resonated with me on so many levels. For a minute there I was staring at my blog, second-guessing myself, “what am I doing?” But this post helped me rekindled the reasons why I blog in the first place. Thank you, Mayi. You really empower creative hearts.

  • Akaleistar says:

    Love this! I feel that blogging has changed so much since I started, and sometimes I get frustrated, but at the end of the day, I do it because I love it. Blogging creates opportunities for friendship and business, and, most importantly, allows you to be heard. Hooray for blogging!

  • Lisa Wenzel says:

    Oh Mayi, Mayi, Mayi… you never fail to amaze me with your blog posts. I’m still trying out a few things hoping that someday I’ll find just the perfect thing to blog about that people are actually interested in. But until then I’m getting useful tricks and tips from you which I am incredibly thankful for 🙂

    Thanks for being there and blogging so that my little insecure nervous mind gets some inspiration.

    You really are on of my favourite blogs and someone to look up to 🙂

  • Mayi, Mayi, Mayi….What can I say! You have hit the virtual nail on the head with this one. I am having one of those crises periods that the gremlins in my head make me question my every move, especially when it comes to blogging. This sucks big time and I want to mainly sit in a pillow fort with a freshly baked (while I was procrastinating) batch of cupcakes and hide away from the world of blogging. But this post has kinda kicked gremlin butt…to the kerb…without any cupcakes! woohooo!! I just needed that happy smiley Mayi reminder of why I started blogging in January.
    Thank you!
    Much Love, Rachel

  • Lissy says:

    Thank you Mayi, this was just the kick in the butt I needed to get my mojo flowing again. I had been pondering the “why am I even doing this, no one reads it anyway” thoughts lately. Your post made me re-think, re-navigate and move on. I love that I don’t have to be perfect…I just gotta do it!

    Bless you Lady!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Done is much better than perfect. Perfection only leads to banana bread, doesn’t it? So happy this helped Lissy 🙂

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  • Sage Grayson says:

    You and April have been a HUGE influence on my blog and business. I love your energy and how you’ve been able to keep the fun and lightheartedness in your business…while still earning money. I’m really looking forward to April’s workshop!

  • Karen Olson says:

    I totally love your statement ” blogging is 99% vulnerability and 1% madness”. I am waiting for April’s class to come online. So glad I found you, love your writing style, such fun.
    Look forward to reading more from you.

  • Marie says:

    A few weeks ago I told my husband I didn’t want to be a dr anymore…I wanted to be a professional blogger. Even after I gave him all the amazing examples of random people becoming, bloggers, and NY times best sellers he said, don’t you hear how ridiculous you sound? And I admit, it does sound ridiculous, but its so “simple” its worth a try, right?, So make some room in cyber space cause your pal just told me everything I need to know to make it happen. 🙂

  • Rosa says:

    I Loved this post! I just started blogging some weeks ago and clicking on the “publish” button is like “ok, here I go!” realizing that this is what I love and this is what I want to share to the people who like the same things in life than me. I feel most of the same thank you when blogging, thanks for putting it into words!

  • You are an inspiration and I realised that I blog terribly. I want to engage with my fans and but I am struggling to get back on the computer and blog. But you always give a different perspective. Thanks!!!

  • Kris Windley says:

    Bee-you-tea-full printable. I love your little ladies, and how they live their cartoon lives 🙂 I also love the way you see blogging: 99% vulnerability and 1% madness sounds just about right to me…some days, the scale slides a little closer to madness, but that may just be me 😉


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