I browse the web. A lot. I call it “research”, but we all know it’s not really LOL. Luckily for me, while “researching” the blogosphere I found via the lovely Amanda at Kind Over Matter a guy with a funky Spanish accent. I felt at home right away.


His name is Bernardo. His smile + uplifting spirit is pleasantly contagious. He makes you feel like you’re visiting a life long friend. He really has that impact on you. His blog, Your Great Life TV is filled with inspiring + core shaking videos. So real, like I hadn’t seen in a long while. I’m sure you’ll feel it too.


So, since we’re all about empowering creative hearts here, I decided to bring Bernardo on board for a mini interview, but on steroids.


Here are just a few highlights from our heart to heart:

  • How to keeping yourself honest.
  • How to build a legacy.
  • How to really be happy.
  • How to deal with pain + suffering.
  • How to leverage the power of video blogs.


Experience a tsunamic burst of joy + passion + excitement + purpose + love + direction by visiting Your Great Life TV.


You’re gonna wanna follow Bernardo on twitter too @yourgreatlifetv, he’s like a happy pill, but better.



Mayi Carles