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Top Tips for Creating Facebook House Rules


Facebook pages + groups are more popular than cupcakes these days. (Insert shock face here!)


Entrepreneurs everywhere are using em’ to share news + boost brand epicness + dazzle customers + foster discussion in an amazeballs community environment. But here’s the deal superstar: Not everyone is going to play nice + that’s where today’s episode comes in.


I want to prepare you for situations where fans get out of hand, Metalica concert style by sharing my top tips for creating Facebook “House Rules”. Do I hear a helz yeah in the crowd?



homework time

How do you manage your Facebook page + group(s)? What pajama party “House Rules” have you implemented or will implement after today’s video? Do share in the comments!


I hope this was mega helpful + insanely practical + awesome. Pow!



Mayi Carles

8 Responses to Top Tips for Creating Facebook House Rules

  • April says:

    You did nail it! Soooooooo good as always! And, I looooooooove your dress.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! I will share if you come visit 🙂 We need to plan a vacation soon. Maybe meet have way? In Disney World?

  • Laura Simms says:

    Great guidelines, Mayi! When I teach acting, I also include guidelines to help build ensemble, and I find putting in to print what I want to create for the group is very helpful. Now it’s not just up to me, everyone has an equal responsibility, and everyone knows what’s cool and what’s not .

  • Mayi Carles says:

    You know it girl! I’m an aficionada for putting things down on paper. Mom’s a lawyer, maybe it’s in the genes hehehe. Anyhoo, I loveeee how this concept can be integrated everywhere really. To set guidelines for our blog comments + for our forums + for our live events. Thanks for the brilliant insight. I missed you 🙂

  • Mayi, I’m too distracted my your beautiful pictures to focus on this post! You were made for Anthropologie clothes … super cute! xo

  • Fit Missy says:

    Such a pretty dress- love the straps!

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