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How to Cure Mental Constipation





I declare January, “Constipation Month”.


Unless you live in an Igloo with no WiFi, chances are you’re running behind schedule. I mean, how could you not with the whole world posting self-improvement statuses left to right?


Well, apparently Miss Kelly is doing great on the 21-Day Eat Nothing But Watermelon Diet. Just look at her tight ass. I want that!


Mary’s getting a brand new logo. The competition is ON!


Wait a second, look at Monica’s fake eye-lashes. Gimme a pair of those + new kitchen cabinets while we’re at it. Granite countertops thank you very much.


Tell me you’re not feeling the pressure too?


Subconsciously, with an over-optimistic attitude to eat the galaxy in one spoonful, we shop for to-dos all the time. No wonder we’re struggling to checkmark “please shower” from the list + worrying about whether or not we’re working on the right things + wondering if we forgot to turn off the oven the second we’re about to fall asleep. Crap!


In today’s episode of Friday Video Time, I’m revealing for the first time my go-to exercise to cure mental constipation. Grab it here:



your turn

What are some nagging to-do’s buzzing in your head that scream, “Do me. DO ME KNOW!” Don’t be embarrassed. We all have them. Tell me. In the comments.


Mental Detox Main


want more?

Today’s Mental Detox printable, is just one of fifty (50+) funsheets that come with your Life is Messy Planners kit. If your interested in digging deeper + learning the actual systems + principlesI use everyday to turn epiphanies + into done deals click here.



Mayi Carles


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Marcela Macias

14 Responses to How to Cure Mental Constipation

  • Modupe says:

    Mayi – love this! I soooo have mental constipation and need to detox! First of I need to sort out my colour chart, sort out the bathroom cold tap, and sort out my 2014 invitations collection! There’s a whole load more!

  • Cynthia says:

    I love this exercise! It always helps me gather my thoughts that are all over the place. Also, it makes me realize the important but not fun things that i put at the bottom of my list (like laundry). I try to do this once a week. – even though that doesn’t always happen. Thanks for the reminder. Time to do this again. Oh and your hair style looks fab today 😉 !!!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      YES YES YES. In upcoming episodes I’ll talk about the actual execution on these nagging to dos. It helps to have them down in a master list, but the list wont do itself right? LOL

  • Yolanda says:

    I love this! Your so right about all the things we have swirling around n our heads and sometimes there is too much that I don’t know what I should do first.
    I wrote and need to clean and organzie my craft room, order more labels to go inside my bags and call my insurance company regarding our annual renewals o and start putting all my tax stuff together..so much more but I have my list and I’m going to start prioritizing now. . Thanks for the printable it’s going to keep me straight! xoxo

  • Melissa says:

    Wow !!!!
    Mayi this video was talking straight to me !!!! hahaha I am so messy!! I need to update my life is messy planners. I bought it in 2012 -2013 so I think you have made changes since then !!!
    Super awesome idea!!
    thank you for the video-
    Ps: I need to finish painting a poem I started on my room, I need to try that new récipe I have been postponing , I need to do a mental detox on paper !!! hahaha
    have a great day!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      I have special telepathic powers. I like to think hehehehe.

      Keep me posted on your progress. Bonus for showing us a pic of the completed painting/poem 🙂

  • Trish says:

    Love your “mental breakdown blooper” at the end! Hehe!! My mental constipation doesn’t come from needing to make to-do lists. Mine comes from all the creative ideas swirling in my head this year! My creativeness is on fire this year! And I am exhausting myself with mental scripts, jewelry ideas, blog ideas, etc, etc., etc, running like wild banshees in my brain! Thank you for the post to spur me to actually place that “Messy Idea” tablet next to my bed, Oh, and 1 in the bathroom too, and in the car….ha! maybe I should just carry it with me everywhere like a baby! Yeah! 😉

    • Mayi Carles says:

      HAHAHAHAHA my “mental breakdown blooper”. Embarrassing hehehehe!

      I love to hear that you keep a messy tablet right next to your bed. I can never fall asleep without one because all my nagging to-do love to come knocking when I just turn off the TV + start getting sleepy. If you don’t write it down if feels like you’re gonna forget + the world is gonna end. Guaranteed insomnia. Goodness gracious for mental detox 🙂

  • Mary says:

    I swear by this technique, it’s what helps me survive the craziness in my head! I need to finish up a couple client projects, do more marketing for my business, design and order new business cards, etc. I love using the Todoist app inbox for my brain dump, but sometimes you just need a paper list and pen to make sense of everything! Your bloopers make me laugh everytime!! 😀

  • Carmen says:

    haha you are funny and cute at the same time! I think I’ll start this ‘mental detoxing’ by writing my thoughts on paper! 😉 Loved the video!

  • María Noel says:

    Hi Mayi!!!!uff this is for me!I I have to finish to correct some storys for my children´s book, the kid´s room (i have to re organize), try a new recipe for apple pie and etc.
    Thnaks so much for this video!!!
    Ma. Noel

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