Today we’re doing things a bit differently.

I’ve created a very special FREE MINI WORKSHOP to help you create an online machine that sells your stuff while you sleep.

Sounds awesome right? It it.

Click play to dive right in.

Let’s recap, shall we?

1. Systemize your content creation.

  • Determine how often you want to post online. I like to post once a week.
  • Pick your medium. Mine is video making because it’s the one that feels the most natural + my audience favorites.
  • Find an accountability partner. Give them $100 + tell them you don’t get your money back if you miss your deadlines.

2. Systemize your content editing + posting.

  • Understand your editing process so you can give clear instructions to someone else.
  • Create a standard operating procedure document for how you want your content edited. I remember when I started working with my videographer Marilakis, I said no crazy transitions that looks like I’m being eaten by a vortex please. They can’t read minds so write down exactly how you want your stuff handled.
  • Outsource the parts that suck the life out of you like a dementor.

3. Make your content convert into fans.

  • Use Google Analytics to find your most popular content.
  • Create a useful content upgrade that people coming to see these popular pieces of content want. For example: checklist + 3 day e-course to deepen + worksheet.
  • Invite people so sign up. Don’t be shy. Don’t you love when the chef of a restaurant comes out of the kitchen + tells you what to order. People want to be told what to do. Help them!

4. Create a “yes” ladder.

  • Create an entry level product that cost less than $100. Make it a no-brainer.
  • Set up an automated series so new subscribers learn about this low price product. Show them how this product solves pain points directly related to why they came to you in the first place.

5. Once someone buys put them into another list that leads them into buying your big creme de la creme offer.

  • Grab your prospects by the hand + show them how you can help them.
  • Be human.

And those are my 5 steps to turning your online HQ into a selling machine.

If you have any questions about this online machine just plug them below. I will be hanging out in the comments during the next couple of days to answer every single one.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this MINI WORKSHOP.

Thanks so much for watching + sharing this with your besties.

I’ll see you next week.