Did you get brain washed into picking a word of the year?

 Spoiler alert: I did.

I mean, I see the charm of setting a self-fulfilling prophecy word, the kind of theme word to help set goals + intentions for the upcoming twelve months. I get why people everywhere go Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs for this ritual. 

The part I can’t wrap my finger around is the practical aspect of this. How the hell do people pick ONE, just ONE word? Really? Is that even possible? Who can make that kind of long-game commitment? My respects to them. Seriously.

I’ve never been able to make that kind futuristic declaration, until I pretended this was a life n’ death reality show where my survival depended on an answer. And then, the word magically descended from the heavens. Amen!

If you’re curious to know which word I picked, play the video!

If you had to pick a world of the year, what would be it?

As always, thanks for watching + helping me spread the word.

Talk to you soon.