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If You’re Messy + You Know It Clap Your Hands!


Today is the day I might just die of excitement. No, it’s not the champagne or the overdose of party props. It’s because Life is Messy Bootcamp – Season 2013 in now OUT!


I’ve never been more pumped about a project in my life. I’ve also never worked so hard on something in my 30 years of hustle. This is truly my baby – My Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel + my Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa + my J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.


To celebrate, I’m boycotting the New Years resolution train. CHU CHUUUUU! Look who’s not onboard. Me. Instead, I’ve decided to ride a roller coaster. Destination: Mount Epic. Want to join me?




Let’s kick start 2013 with a viral campaign to give Mrs. Perfect the middle finger + tell your worse critic (ahem, that would be you) to shut it. Step aside, messy is coming. Excuse me. Excuse me please or I’ll have no choice but to step on your pedicure.


The Captain Obsessive Compulsive + Dr. Chaos that lives inside you deserves a chance. Are you game? All you have to do is:

  • Screwed what people think.
  • Control + Alt + Delete what should be checklist.
  • F-bomb everyone’s expectations (including yours) of who you’re supposed to be.


Embrace the mess or at the very least try, hard. Pretty is overrated.


You are messy + you know it. I do to. Fighting it doesn’t work, but you can do your best to maneuver your way out of chaos without having a nervous breakdown.


Starting today, January 1, 2013 you can join an army of brave messy-preneurs from all around the world that are partying with the control freak + the rule breaker paradigm.



i need your help

  • Create a masterpiece (i.e. written post + podcast + song + dance + video + art piece + photo) titled “I’m Messy and I Know It”.
  • E-mail me what you’ve created to mayicarles@gmail.com + I will link back to you + help you promote it.
  • That’s it. There are really no limits to your messy potential.



what’s in it for you?

  • Be a part of something messier than yourself.
  • You’ll have my full support in spreading the word + promoting your piece to an audience of 5 thousand+.
  • The comradery of all participants. Collaboration is beautiful.
  • As an added bonus, you’re encouraged to become a Life is Messy Bootcamp affiliate partner (it’s FREE) + earn 30% commission per referral sale + boost your money-making potential.



copy + paste + click social love! 

  • Life isn’t meant to be pretty. Life is meant to be EPIC – http://bit.ly/JcqOGo @mayicarles #lifeismessy (or Click to Tweet)
  • You want to watch this video trailer. Trust me! – http://bit.ly/JcqOGo @mayicarles #lifeismessy (or Click to Tweet)
  • I’m messy and I know it – http://bit.ly/JcqOGo @mayicarles #lifeismessy (or Click to Tweet)
  • The Organized Solution for Messy Entrepreneurs is HERE – http://bit.ly/JcqOGo @mayicarles #lifeismessy (or Click to Tweet)


If you’re ready to bring messy back, I’ve safe you a party seat. Raised your virtual hand if you’re in.



Mayi Carles


* * *



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