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Interview: Ivy aka Ivy Style33


Dear readers, I’m so excited to finally introduce you to one of my biggest idols on Etsy: Iro – Ivy aka Ivy Style33. I fell in love with Ivy’s dreamy photos at fist sight + when I had the honor to finally meet her (by online correspondence) she was even more darling + magical + sweet than her work. So, I had to bring her to heartmade so you all could meet her up close. You’ll see how easy it is to love her! So, let’s get right to it, shall we?


1. So, Ivy please tell us a little bit about yourself.

First of all, thank you for being so nice as to invite me here and be so willing to host me. It’s a lovely place and you are a very sweet person, so I’m quite happy to be here, having this little talk with you. About telling you a few things about me, can I copy and paste what is written in my flickr and Etsy profile sections? Yes?….super cause I honestly think it describes well who I am. So, I’m a decorator, an interiors consultant, a crafter, an ever learning, self- taught photographer, a former teacher of English (still organizing occasionally art&crafts seminars), also having majored in Psychology (among a few other degrees). Most of all I’m a person who lives and breathes through love for all aspects of everyday life and my passions.



2. How long have I been an artist/crafter/designer?

I’ve been crafting and designing spaces from as long as I can remember me in a way….seriously, as a child I was choosing the layout of my room and changing it quite often! I’ve been drawing, painting, cutting and putting things together since a child, too. No matter which job or profession I’ve been involved into, creativity has always been my companion. And when it formally left no room for it, I made the space and time myself. In the worst of cases, I’ve been creating as a means of expression.



3. When did you decide to turn my talent into a business?

This decision was taken back in 2007, when I enrolled myself in Interior Design courses a the same University where I graduated from Psychology back in 2000. I was already working as a freelance decorator in parallel to my then “normal” job which was teaching English mostly to children with ADDS, and holding Arts & Crafts in English seminars. In the meantime, I met my current life partner and relocated from Greece to Germany, in order for us to live together. My plans and intentions suddenly had to be put oh hold, as life was bringing me new challenges. The first year and a half was devoted to intensive, daily German classes in order to learn the language, as it was not included n the few foreign languages spoken by me. I also needed time to adjust to my new life. About a year ago, I started to slowly return there where I had left things from. At the moment, my partner and I are step by step building our home based business…slowly and steadily…I’m undertaking projects of designing or redesigning/redecorating spaces. At the same time, my photography line is available at our Etsy shop, while handcrafted by me items are also occasionally listed. There are also such services offered as preparing gift packaging, for special occasions as well, such as weddings and children’s parties.


4. Where do you make/create?

I guess I can create anywhere. In our current living space, I like to be close to the big central window, which lets inside lots of light, while at the same time watching the sky. When I need a table surface, then our dining table and area are transformed in to my creative space. We are in need of a larger space to live, especially since there is a home based bussiness involved. We have our “antennas” tuned and are waiting for the right place and time.


5. Describe your creative process.

Well, that is the toughest question of all, as there is not a specific process followed. I simply enter creative phases a few times a year. I believe my answer in the sixth question to be offering some more insight into the issue of creativity and creative processeses. I guess I can create anywhere. In our current living space, I like to be close to the big central window, which lets inside lots of light, while at the same time watching the sky. When I need a table surface, then our dining table and area are transformed in to my creative space. We are in need of a larger space to live, especially since there is a home based business involved. We have our “antennas” tuned and are waiting for the right place and time.



6. What advice would you give to other artist/crafter/designers?

There is no actual advice to be given, perhaps a notice though….creativity can be encouraged but not forced…it either sources from within us or it does not…..it is a natural process and actually a way of life…artists, crafters and designers usually recognize this blissful feeling experienced when engaging in a genuine creating process…it is this feeling of loosing yourself in what you do, only to discover yourself again, all over from the beginning. It is a state of the mind and the soul, it is a means of expression, a need sourcing from deep, deep inside and there are no instructions for that. Other than devoting our lives to discovering and mostly accepting ourselves for who we are and eventually for who we are not. We are not all artists, as much as there is a potential within us. Much like we are not all musicians, doctors, teachers e.t.c. Some have the gift to express themselves through art, others don’t. Finally, there can be art hidden in everything we do in life, as life is – besides a blessing – an art itself. So in a way, we may all be artists.



7. Who/What inspires you?

Traveling is my main source of inspiration and feelings. The cultures, architecture, design and scenes encountered and experienced while traveling always act as an inspiration. So do feelings….the Love of wire for example was created when I was in the search for love and it is being enjoyed to its fullest extend the past 2 years…in a new home, now actually filled with love.


8. What’s your favorite handmade possession?

Choosing one is very hard as I love each one of them individually for what they are and what they stand for. We only keep things we love around us, so everything is something we really love. Just for playing along though with you, I’ll name a few…the ceramic heart shaped bowl in gorgeous shades of aqua blue and golden brown, a gift from my best girlfriend in Greece, handcrafted from a a fabulous Greek artist…the Love of wire made by me, the paper boats garlands I’ve recently been making…and all things actually mabe with my own hands.


9. In 10 years, where do you want to be?

Home, creating and around the world, traveling with my loved one.


10. Any important links we should know about?



11. Any last comment you would like to share with heartmade?

Seeing the world through the eyes of love is probably the biggest, most difficult and at the same most rewarding challenge and experience in life.


Thank you so much Ivy for opening your heart + giving us at heartmade a profound + thoughtful + sincere look into your wonderful world. It was a true pleasure!


Mayi Carles

6 Responses to Interview: Ivy aka Ivy Style33

  • Ivy Style33 says:

    Dear Mayi, together with a big thank you for hosting me here, a few words about you.

    You are obviously charismatically beautiful, this is obvious. You are very young, yet already so talented and professional in all you do. But the most important, which goes together with the name of your blog, it all comes from the heart.
    It is indeed “heartmade”. Nothing can compete to that.

    You are a very creative person yourself, running a wonderful shop, which lot would envy for the care and attention to detail you put in everything.
    For all these reasons, I’m very honoured that you have contacted and invited me here.
    I had a mostly enjoyable time and the chance to share some meaningful thoughts with you.

    We’ll be seeing each other on the blogosphere. Take care sweet heart,

    Ivy ~ xx..

  • ishtar says:

    Waht a lovely Interview!!! I loved to read all these wonderful things about Ivy!
    I also share your opinon about her.She is the sweetest and nicest person on flickr!!! ( where we meet) tahnk you for posting this!!!! : )
    btw your blog is lovely!

  • mayicarles says:

    Dear Ivy, your message has touched my heart profoundly. Your words make me happy beyond believe + make my soul blossom + my heart sing. For that + everything else you are beautiful Ivy, I feel much blessed + grateful! May this be the beginning of a very special friendship!

  • mayicarles says:

    Ishtar: I am so happy you liked the interview 🙂

  • desiree says:

    Nice to get to know Ivy a bit better ;)I just ordered something at her shop and it really looked beautiful and well organized.

  • mayicarles says:

    Desiree: You have great taste 🙂

    Ohh + I love your blog!

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