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Interview: Valeria from The Red Balloon Photography


Meet the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Valeria! I call her the queen of portrait photography, because her images take me to a majestical dimension. I feel like I’m transported to a far far away land of storytelling + timeless magic + whispers + vintage ephemera. I mean, could it possible get any better than this?


You have actually seen Valeria’s work parade the site, but today I’m beyond thrilled to be able to formally introduce her to you! So are you ready for today’s Q + A? Let go!


1. Who is Valeria?

I’m a Mom to two amazing little girls and a wife to the love of my life. I’m a photographer, I’m a girl that can not live without friends. I’m a very passionate person. I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and have been living in the US for about 10 years now. 3 in Colorado and 6 in Seattle. I’m a vintage goods lover. I always try to imagine the story behind each piece. Chocolate, balloons & polka dots make me happy. I love the color aqua, and the smell of gardenias. I could keep adding stuff about me but don’t want to bore people.



2. Where do you create?

I do my post processing at home in a corner where my Imac seats. I don’t have an office or studio yet, but hopefully soon. I create all the time, just in my head. I could be driving and suddenly an idea comes and I start imagining the whole process, from the location that I want to hold the session to the model, styling, and post processing that I would want to give to the image.



3. What makes your heart beat?

My husband, my daughters at all times but one of my favorite moments is right when they wake up and they have their sleepy eyes and their hair is all crazy and they are just happy that the day is just starting and I am happy to wake up to them. Many other things such as the early morning of late afternoon light (magic light), I love back-lit images, they are so magical when done right. The color aqua, really it does. One thing that really makes my heart beat happily is being able to translate an idea exactly how it was imagined to a final print. Hearing that someone loves what I do or that they get touched by my art makes my heart beat and sing.



4. Tell me one thing that you think you’re best at.

Hmmm… don’t know if I’m the absolute best but my flan has a very good reputation between my friends. People talk about it…, lol.


5. What’s the most rewarding part of running a creative business?

Working in something that is my absolute passion, doing that every day, loving what I do. Working with my heart.



6. What are the not-fun parts + how do you handle them?

The business side, the papers, all that boring stuff. How do I handle it?… my husband helps me a lot, he’s my rock!


7. What advice would you give to other creative entrepreneurs?

To do their thing without trying to follow what others are doing. It’s always better to innovate and be your own than to copy.



8. What inspires you?

The magic light, my daughters, vintage art, vintage posters, book covers. A coat, photos form when I was a little girl, the clothes that my mom had saved from when I was younger. Balloons, certain combination of colors, the styles from the 20’s through 50’s, and I could go on forever…



9. Tell us something about you we would never expect.

For a few years I thought I was done with photography and quit taking pictures all together. I kind of lost the passion for a while but it also was during a time of many huge changes in my life. Now I’m more passionate about that I have ever been before.


10. Any important links we should know about?




Website (currently under construction, but will be ready soon).



This was beyond fantastic + inspiring. Can you know see why I call Valeria the queen lol?


Well sweetie pies, when you come down from your fairy tale cloud, please let’s show Valeria some lovin’ in the comments below!



Mayi Carles


PS: Psstt… this ain’t over yet. Valeria + I are teaming up to make some awesomeness together, so the real fun is yet to come. Stay tuned for more info.

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