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Introducing The Worlds Cutest Notepads


Oh yeah, it’s safe to say, I’ve been waiting my whole life for today. To see my whimsical little people materialize into my very own line of notepads. Done. Check. I did it. Wooohooooo!


The first two notepad designs have officially departed the station + it’s all because of your off the hook cheerleading skills. Thank you, thank you so much for encouraging me + showing up to my messy creative empire in progress. If it weren’t for that, I would have probably postponed this dream till retirement + by then I’m hoping to be in a hammock sipping banana coladas.


So in your honor, I’m getting out the party horns + sprinkled cupcakes + maracas + not-so-virgin mojitos to celebrate this very special launch you helped co-found.


Ladies + gentz, I present to you the worlds cutest notepads*.



Cuz I believe that your world domination efforts shouldn’t feel like smelly chores. That why, I created these organizational companions that instead of making you grumpy, they make you super duper excited to check off every item on your wishlist.


Hand-painted with my hands + heart, these notepads will help you get your messy ideas down + done with style + forget nothing. Perfect for go-getters + creative superstars + pocket-size fairies + superheroes + dreamers + cupcake lovers.



Want them for yourself or to giveaway to your BFF? You can get em’ without even taking off your pajamas or your superhero uniform of choice, because they’re now available at my online boutique. Click here to go shopping!


Or do you want these cutie pies in your store? OMG seriously? Let’s totally make it happen. Click here to download the wholesale scoop.



Ok, I think I’m ready to stop doing happy cart wheels, for now. I don’t want the Guinness World Record people to think I’m trying to beat a record or something.


Your loving feedback + happy thoughts + cupcakes recipes are welcomed in the comments, of course. And if you have special requests for future notepads designs, please share those as well. Your wish is typically my command. Exceptions apply when I’m cranky or just plain stubborn, but that’s only 0.1% of the time.


Your creative genie,

Mayi Carles


* Declaration brought to you by yours truly.

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