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Last Minute Trip? No Worries (FREE Printable Inside)


I live in Panama, in case you haven’t been paying close attention (wink). My business side-kick, April Bowles-Olin lives in Blacksburg Virginia. If you don’t want to Google it yourself that’s exactly 1,953 miles apart. Yikes.


Any accountant + guru or travel agent would tell you that partnership isn’t such a good idea. Thank goodness we both have issues with authority + we decided to middle finger the odds instead.


The Summer of 2011, when the tickets to Marie Forleo’s RHH LIVE were released, April + I knew this was it. This was our shot to meet in person, for realz. Take it, April is terrified of flying + has serious issues when it comes to leaving her doggies behind to say the very least LOL + I was in the middle of planning my handmade wedding + saving for the honeymoon. Our stubborn won again.


But of course, my flight left without me. Damn it! When I arrived at the American Airlines ticket counter, I found out my plane had departed 5 hours ago. Oh no it didn’t! I was crushed. Wanted to break a flower vase in my head. I texted April the situation. She stomped her feet like a 5 year old + so she tells me.


After multiple meltdowns, my fiancé at the time, now my husband managed to get my touchy to my destination. I’ll spare you the dramatic details of all the magic he had to pull off to make it happen.


That’s when I learned that when you’re so certain of the outcome, you can survive the not-so-scenic route.


And speaking of detours, last week, hubby had to go on this last minute business trip. Watch today’s video to see how a one-superhero-show gets ready + packs for no notice adventures without leaving Popeye + Olive behind.



homework time

Did I leave anything out from this prepping for trips episode? I’m sure I did. Please help me fill in the gaps by leaving your insights in the comments below. I’ll be reading + responding to each one.



And don’t forget to download your The Packaging Checklist, styled the Life is Messy Bootcamp way. Grab it now before it’s FREE no more!



Mayi Carles

9 Responses to Last Minute Trip? No Worries (FREE Printable Inside)

  • Amanda says:

    Your list sounds good to me 🙂 One tip is to put your extra sets of shoes into shower caps, that way the bottoms of your shoes don’t get anything dirty or germy.

  • Dominika says:

    Thank you Mayi for the free packing checklist! I always forget something. Once I forgot my purse with all important stuff – the key of my dorm room, wallet… but that happened only once :))) I’m to lazy to write all the things I need to bring and I will definitely print this list! x Dominika

    • Mayi Carles says:

      YAYYYYY! Not for missing your wallet, that’s more like: YUCK. YAYYYY! for using my checklist in the future 🙂

  • This is so timely. I am leaving on a weekend trip next week. I love your organization tips and your handrwiting / style. You have inspired me to set goals and deadlines for this month, because Joy is my word for this year, but also I decided that this is the year when sh*t will happen. I wanted to see your happy hour so much (but it was at 1 in the morning in Europe) and I think I am falling down with some kind of cold / sore throat so I could not join… I was fast asleep (I think my body demanded it). Anyhow I look forward to your video and if you managed to record the happy hour I would really really like to see it (if only to pretend I was hanging out with you happy girl, I feel we should be best friends, we are equally crazy (in the good way) ).

  • I feel for your “5 hours past the departure time’ arrival. Yikes!

    Crazy recurring dream (5+years now) I’m at some random airport & almost ready to get onto a new plane to reach my final destination & cannot, for the life of me, find my passport anywhere! I go into a tailspin. No passport? Sometimes I also discover I don’t have a plane ticket, and I’m halfway between here and there!
    Needless to say, I have a very, very fine tuned packing list, to avoid this happening IRL (in real life),even though my instincts say this crazy nightmare/dream is probably about something else bugging my subconscious (not really travel related? possibly?)

    My packing list has a big reminder on the side that says, “finished packing? Take out 1/2 now!” Because seriously. I always overpack & return home with 50% of my things unused. Everything in my bag has at least 2 functions & if I really need something unexpected, I buy it at my destination.
    Oh… you have writing utensils on your list… I bring at least 2 “normal” ones because they like to get lost – but also always bring a small pack of colored pencils for inevitable inspired doodling & product creation that happens when I’m in an airport, bus, train, boat or poolside.

    p.s. Sorry for always leaving these crazy, crazy long comments on your site! You do bring out the silly in me 🙂 (That’s a Canadian “Sorry!” by the way)

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Your comments make me dream about starting a Heartmade Comment of Fame 🙂

      I might add a little comment section on my packaging checklist for super packers like you girlfriend.

      HAHAHAHA I’m cracking up because I typically only bring one pen + come back with 15 more, minus the one I took hehehe. All my pens say “Marriot” “Disney World” hehehehehe

  • Rita Jean Caban says:

    I find that it is always helpful to call the bank and/or credit card company and let them know the dates and destinations of travel. Once while I was in Romania my CC quit working. The bank knew I lived in Arizona, but charges started showing up in Romania. They called my house and left me a message but of course I wasn’t home. They turned off the card and I was stuck in a foreign country with no CC. Thankfully, I had plenty of Traveler’s Cheques.

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