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Life is Messy Bootcamp Scholarship Winner(s) Announced

Since forever, I’ve been dreaming about giving away a full scholarship to Life is Messy Bootcamp. I’ll be honest, it was hubby’s idea to host a video contest. “Are you ku-raazy? No one’s gonna join”, I snapped.


I’m not Jimmy Kimmel, but this whole experience reminded me that my peeps are freaking AWESOME!


I mean just look at you bringing messy back!


Katie Dunne


Christine Gutierrez


Allison Dey Malacaria


Stefanie Lin


Clemencia Rosado


Tricia Bertrand


Jacolien Versteeg


Karen Lema


Lisa Wenzel


Shannon Chomanczuk


You’ve made my cry + giggle, even urge hubby to stop the car to watch with me. You’ve made it ridiculously difficult for me to pick a winner, to the point I even had to assign scores + tally the points + do match n’ sh*t.


Tied in first place, winning a full Life is Messy Bootcamp Scholarship are: Allison Dey Malacaria + Karen Lema WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!! Please e-mail me at mayicarles@gmail.com to hook you up to the mothership in an instant.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the messies who joined the challenge. So sexy how you stepped out of your comfort zone like that + showed black who’s the new cool kid on the block.


Messies our revolution has begun. Today we sail away, away from the safe harbor. I hope you can join us!



Mayi Carles


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14 Responses to Life is Messy Bootcamp Scholarship Winner(s) Announced

  • Trish says:

    Congrats winners!

  • OMGosh! I can’t believe it! (Grabbing Karen and jumping up and down and screaming.) Thanks to my husband and thanks to Mayi and congrats to Karen and thank you thank you thank you. I’m so committed to making cottage industry work so we can live our dreams and I’m really excited! Emailing you, Mayi, asap! (And hubby said he’d translate Karen’s video for me when he gets home from work tonight.)

  • Karen says:

    OMG Too!! I never ever win anything!! This must be my year !!!
    I can Not Thank You enough Mayi!!! GRACIAS gracias gracias!!!! Congratulation Alisson!!! We are sooo lucky !! Are we the luckiest ones in the world!! Again thank you for letting us be part of this wonderful opportunity !!
    Writing you ASAP !
    Un gran beso peruano!

    • Karen, your video is so genuine and heartfelt, I just adored you immediately. I’m so thrilled we’ll be joining LIMBootcamp! I can’t wait to hear from Mayi about how to join the Bootcamp. It’s evening here in Australia. When I wake up tomorrow it will be afternoon for you guys! I’ll have to catch up then.

  • busylizzy111 says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to meet you!

  • Marta says:

    Welcome Allison and Karen!
    So happy for you both, I love watching people win things that make them happy. I even got emotional!
    Awesome videos from all the contestants by the way. The world is full of courage 😉
    God luck to all and see you soon!

  • Laura AGUILAR says:

    Felicidades Karen … y que todos tus proyectos salgan volando y se hagan realidad…y si tienes mucha razon con solo ver a Mayi y sus herramientas uno no puede quitar la sonrisa de la cara y te inyecta mucho dinamismo …bienvenida….and Allison and so happy for you and a big welcome….

  • Karen says:

    Thank you all for your best wishes!!! Looking forward to start!! HUGSS

  • Thank you all so much! Can’t wait to “meet” everyone. Am I the only participant on the other side of the world? Haha! I’m always either late or early as our days and nights are nearly the opposite.

  • Clemencia says:

    Congratulations Ladies 🙂 I am very happy for you, please take advantage of this awesome opportunity 🙂

  • Ack! A friend emailed me my youtube says “removed by user”. I have no idea what happened. I haven’t done anything. I’ll if I can upload it again. Sheesh! Sorry Mayi.

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