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Recall the pure joy of riding a backyard swing? Easy. Effortless. I remember pumping my legs to drive me higher, thinking that if I just pushed a little bit more I could somehow touch the clouds. Know that feeling?


The thing with swings though is that we are not so much swinging as being swung. Gravity does most of the work. Our job is to simply work with the wind, to stop holding back with our need to control the pace. Trying too hard sabotages speed. Trying becomes striving + striving undoes itself.


If there is one thing I learned in 2014 is that striving doesn’t work. Striving leads to eating the entire fridge to take the edge off. We are not built for striving. We don’t strive, we have already arrived. We are already everything. Our job is simply to work with the wind, sing with it’s lines + nature, to stop holding ourselves back with our thrashing struggles to go faster, to be perfect, to outperform the swing to the right.


If you’re anything like me (and to a degree, I suspect we are cut with a similar star-shaped cookie cutter, you + I), you’re extremely pumped about the start of the year. January is the perfect time to pause + hit the reset button + make all sorts of to-do lists. You are prepared to be blown away by all that 2015 has to bring. You are invincible.


Simultaneously, you wanna pee in your pajama bottoms. Maybe you’re hunted by all those things that didn’t go according to plan in 2014 or perhaps you’re feeling like crap because you see yourself recycling the same shi*t you wrote in your 2015 New Years resolution.


Here’s my New Years message to you: Hey, it’s gonna be OKAY. I promise.




So, what does it take for transformation? For BIG breakthroughs? Cuz listen, I know you’re not messing around here. Not another year of “lessons” + “progress” + “slowly transitioning into…”. You want freaking abundance alright. The real deal! So what does it take? Let’s think about this for a second. What does it take to have the best year ever?


I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I will teach you how to ask the right questions.


Ponder for a moment how you would like 2015 to be like:

  • What are you most excited about?
  • What is your 2015 mantra?
  • What word will guide you in 2015?
  • What do you want to stand for in 2015?
  • What is your number ONE personal goal?
  • What is your number ONE business goal?
  • What do you want to be known for in 2015?
  • What books do you want to read in 2015?
  • What do you want to be know for in 2015?
  • When you Google your name, what do you want to see there?
  • How do I want to feel in 2015?


Create a vision that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning. Truly take some time to think this through. This is your story you are writing here. There are too many mediocre things in life, your life shouldn’t be one of them. Hint: I find it super helpful to do this exercise with your partner + family or your besties. Cook a great meal together + put some Bossa Nova in the background + set out to craft a more meaningful 2015 + get ready for magical new beginnings + awaken the possibility. Hercules. Herculezzzzz!!!


Be careful though, sometimes all this excitement to start fresh triggers loser tapes that remind us of all those times in the past it didn’t work out. It’s tempting to want to Google the answers, to sign our soul to The Solution that will tell us exactly what do to in 3 easy steps. Juice cleanse to fix your entire life in one swoop anyone? Not this year. Not this year my friend.


This year, I wish something grand for us. Something extraordinary.


This year, I’m choosing self-love over becoming superwoman. I will listen to my heart, it knows.


This year, I’m decluttering my hard drive, getting ride of everything I have somehow allowed into my world + no longer serves me. The remaining free space is reserved only for MY desired feelings.


This year, I want to live lighter + go further.


This year, I won’t let people I don’t even like rent premium real state space in my head even if that condemns me to perpetual reincarnation.


Oh yeah + this year, I have no intention of giving up pizza. Not gonna happen.




I believe a life worth living is an easy life. It’s not supposed to be hard, though we can make it that way with limiting scripts + people-pleasing + failing to see ourselves as we really are: infinitely powerful beings, capable of reaching far beyond our wildest dreams.


Next week, to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Life is Messy Bootcamp, I’m going to show you my down-to-earth process for mapping out what I truly believe will be THE year of miracles. No James Bond stunts or green smoothie potions. I’m talking about an honest peek inside my lifestyle design factory. And I’m doing it publicly for support + accountability + my own amusement, but mostly to inspire you to stop the glorification of over planning + start an honest quest to greatness. 




I invite you to interrupt self-imposed correctional facility-type New Year rituals with a more sensible + stress-free practice. There’s a gentler way people. Get ready, to make 2015 a year of steady acceleration, a year of radical happiness. Who’s with me?


If you’re looking for The Magic Formula that will fix all your problems with the flick of a wand, this would be a good place to stop reading. But if you’re tired of ku-ra-zy resolution setting that only leaves you feeling like a psycho killer, you will love what’s coming up next.


What To Expect Over The Next Couple of Days!

I’m kicking off 5 beautifully messy days of unlearning how to be RoboCop so you can be gorgeously human, flawed + fabulous. Just gimme ONE WEEK, I’ll give you a treasure map to be available for life’s magic!


Starting this Monday, January 12th + going until Friday, January 16th, I’m gonna be posting one workshop a day to help you go from New Year overachiever crazy pants mode (that we all know will only lead to eating the entire pint of Häagen-Dazs) to New Year happy like a hippo (a person who gets it done + even has time to watch a documentary on Netflix + close the office early on Fridays). Here’s the drill:


Applying the core Life is Messy Bootcamp principles, you will learn:

  • How powerful you really are + how far you can reach + why it matters.
  • How to design a life more suited for you.
  • How to make room for your BIG audacious ideas.
  • How to create an inventory of open loops + “incompletes”, so you can finally put an end to mental constipation.
  • How to go from lightbulb to done with a simple to use calendar system.


Whether you decide to join us for an all new season of Life is Messy Bootcamp or not, these daily exercises will give you the basic framework you need to KA-POW, kill it this year + every single one after that.


Join the 5-Day Life is Messy Challenge… it’s FREE!

I invite you… no, I challenge you to join me. Take ONE step a day for FIVE days, simple habits that can transform your life, because when you remove the emotional baggage + all those unrealistic expectations + the T-Rex pressure, you allow yourself to breakthrough, to experience miracles. 


The next few days will be so valuable you will think I lost my mind for not packaging this up in a cute bow + charging big bucks for it. I’m serious. This series is THAT good. And it will be entertaining as hell too. Translation: I’m going to embarrass myself with backstories like that one time I was convinced I gave up sugar + then stuffed my face with a frozen butterbeer from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


So, get ready for great value + a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.


This 5-Day Life is Messy Challenge is FREE to you + it’s happening right here on the blog. If you sign up to my list + participate daily you will receive:

  • Exclusive access to download the daily playsheets that go with the workshops.
  • A chance to win two Life is Messy Planners, one for yourself + one to give away to anyone you’d like.
  • A chance to win a FREE pass to Life is Messy Bootcamp. 


To participate, you will need to do 3 things:


I’ve worked SO hard + creatively to make this 5-Day Life is Messy Challenge AMA-ZING for you + super informative + easy to implement no matter your busy schedule. I’m excited to spend a week helping you transform your life with love + compassion.


Do you know someone looking to accomplish BIG things in 2015 + make it the best year ever? Share this free series!


Are you ready? Sign up + I’ll see you on Monday!



Mayi Carles


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