Life is Messy Kitchen Teaser

HELP!!! Please tie my hands to the back of my chair. I cannot control myself from leaking more Life is Messy Kitchen behind the scenes. I hope by the time November 18 comes around, I’ve managed to at least keep the book cover a secret.

Goshhh! I could never be the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. I’m the worst secret-keeper in the galaxy.

Having cleared that out to assume no responsibility for third party damages, here’s a lil’ teaser of our trailer video:

Who’s excited about the full Life is Messy Kitchen mini movie now? I know right? It’ll premier this November 18. Bring popcorn.

A special thanks to Joey Loreto + Dorina Szabokelly + my cousin Karina Pallares + uber talented Sarah Tyler for this amazing video collab.


  1. wow MaYi, I am so glad that you couldn’t control yourself sharing this mini video ! I can’t wait to see more and see your new book. I am so excited about you and proud of you. You are so inspiring !! I am following your steps (in a good way) and supporting all your crazy good happy inspiring ideas. Your t-rex heart is conquering the world and I am so happy to be a witness .

    all the best for you


  2. Mayi!

    What a gorgeous little video! The colors are stunning and your smile lights up the kitchen! Oh, and the whistling is infectious! 🙂

    I still don’t really know what the heck I’m doing on the 19th, but I am prepared for take off! I’ve got a surprise up my sleeve for you too!


  3. Mayi,

    Your cookbook is absolutely beautiful + adorable + such a great expression of your uniqueness! Thanks for making it! And thanks for sending the cutest email ever!

    xoxo, Jen

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